A quick reminder: A person’s words nor actions define who you are. Only you are responsible for allowing a person’s false views of you to affect your emotions. If you know who you are, you stand your ground. Only you know what it took to build the person you are today. If that person wasn’t on your journey since the day you were born, they don’t know a damn thing about you, and what limestone bricks it took to build the monument you are today. Don’t allow anyone’s insecurities or their perspective of you to chip away at your masterpiece. If you know who you are, you take that stand. You stab your roots into the ground and you stand tall–irremovable. Just like a tree when something is in the way of its growth, it overtakes that shit and grows around it! That is where your true power is stored; the security you have within yourself. There will be those who will test it, and you will get angry, shit go ahead and be pissed, but don’t, not for one moment believe that shit. Don’t for one moment feel that you have some how failed and deserve it. Take a moment and realize the divinity you hold within yourself, and let that be your staff to which you conquer those who speak falsely!


“Fought like hell through your darkness”

A quick reminder: Being spiritual doesn’t mean you’re a doormat or that you’re like your neighbor fucking Suzy Baker. who comes to your doorstep with a pep in her walk and fresh baked cookies or casserole. Being spiritual means you fought like hell through your darkness; through your shadow self to be where you are today. It means to be a warrior and slash through your demons, so you can take the higher road. Being spiritual means, baking fucking cookies, and wishing you had poison the batch as you walk to your neighbors doorstep, but not doing so, BECAUSE you are spiritual. It’s embracing your demons so you can tell which path is dark and which path is light. You cannot be a Light Worker if you have no clue about the dark and destruction you can cause– if you don’t have a grip on your shadow self. Hence ,without dark there can’t be light. Drop this preconceived perspective that being a light worker and spiritual means you do no wrong or that really underneath you aren’t a mean ass bitch with cruel tendencies. It means you work with both sides of yourself and you can understand others with the highest of your ability, all because you know exactly how it feels to embrace and go with the flow of your darkness.

Diary of a psychic #062717

Days after readings or sometimes even after a reading, I sit and think about the stuff I see. What I told the querent, what I didn’t tell the querent. How “seeing” is a blessing and a curse. How sometimes you can see things you don’t really want to see. But somehow it keeps you there, like you’re bounded by this path. For me it feels like I’m welded into this path. There are things you’re not allowed to say, even if your human mind thinks you should. Sometimes people forget you’re human and that you don’t hold the vision of God or Satan depending what perspective you have on psychics as you’re reading this. The bar is set high for us, but as every psychic should know, we accept we’re human, even if you don’t see us as such. One thing psychics do prove is– free will. For no matter how much advice you give to the querents, they still do what they think is right. You can say, “I see your house is on fire, do not go there!” They’ll agree and confirm that you’re correct, but then you see them uploading pictures of them in the burning house! I accept this because they’re all human, and the majority of us must learn the hard way. One thing you can’t take away is the gratitude. The ones looking for answers. The tormented, the suffering,  the ones trying to find their way in the dark. They make this vision worthwhile. 

Do You Dare 

As I’ve been on my spiritual path;  engaging in Kundalini and meditating practically every night, a lot of things have been made clear for me. I find myself wanting a lot more peace. Yes, I am aware that life can throw you lemons, but I can assure you I fucking prefer lemonade, than someone’s senseless drama. 

I have realized more and more, with each passing day I feel more free. As in “running through the woods naked” free–untamed, unfiltered. Wild like fire and tumultuous like the sea. The place I moved to; within myself is a good place for me. The mere thought of restriction ignites me to rebel and further dive myself in my path. 

I am gaining ground everyday and I will challenge anyone who tries to interfere with me and my path. I will preserve my peace and my souls light survival. Traveling the path of awareness acquires great sacrifice, and the shedding of the multiple skins people think you should wear. 

Do you dare to strip yourself? 

Be fearless 

You’ll be surprised who you find inside you. 

Love & Light. 💙🔥💙

Fire of my Soul

My love stems from the fire of my soul

Blooming within me the petals of compassion

My laughter carries the notes of abundance;

Not of things, but of courage!

Stare into my eyes and there you will find;

Where my light was born.

My feet rooted into the ground;

The energy aspiring from my base.

I curl my arms to embrace you;

To bestow your forgotten grace.

My spirit reaches deep inside you;

Stripping you of all your woes.

You drink from my cupped hands;

Filled with my tears—I smile!

How does my empathy taste?

For like all love

Love stems from a greater place

Waiting to be born from within you

I awaken your consciousness by kissing you on

Your face.

Card Reveal 

1. Cordeila (Go outside): “you have been indoors too long. Go outside and get some fresh air. ”
This card can mean your manifestation will appear in May and/or when the weather is warmer. Another meaning: you may need to spend time in nature to replenish yourself. •May also mean you need to recognize the need for balance in your life– maybe even more rest and play. •To engage practice environmentalism!

2.Isolt (Undying Love): “The love you shared is eternal, regardless of the situation. ”
This card meaning: love from your romantic partner is eternal •You’re either healing from a break up.  •You’re healing from a loss •Let go of an old relationship to make room for a new one•The love that you send into the world is an important part of your divine purpose • Your deceased loved one is happy and sends you love.

3.Aine (Leap of Faith) : “Take a risk, and put your heart’s true desire into action! ”
This card meaning: Your dream will come true• Your chosen path is the right one for you• Heaven supports you fully on your mission• Your material needs will be taken care of •Take action steps toward the realization of your dream.•

4. Mother Mary (Expect a Miracle) : “Have faith that your prayers have been answered. ”
This card meaning: Let go of worrisome thoughts• Keep your thoughts positive • Notice and follow any divine guidance you may receive • Pray• Engage in spiritual healing.