I want to be where the flowers bloom

I want to be where flowers bloom from my hands,  and the air whispers its secrets. 

To feel the sun against me; recording the chords of every ray of light. 

I want to dig deep into the soil; my fingers as its roots. 

To feel the essence of life flood through my veins;  maps of untold stories, and legends on every ripple of my spine. 

I want to see the universe and its music sheets of geometric notes;  songs from the orchestra of stars and bands of iridescent light. 

I want to dwell where Happiness is born and cradled in the arms of Transformation. 

To strip myself of my shedding skin;  to become the undying energy like the core of the Earth. 

To return where my soul belongs —Home. 

Artist of image : Aeryael 

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I forgive you Rose 

I’m writing you this letter because I felt you needed to know a few things. I never realized how much you probably needed to read this and be told what I’m about to write to you. 

I want you to know that I forgive you. I forgive you for always taking the responsibility on making others happy and putting their needs before your own. I know no one asked this of you, but you are always willing to give, and unfortunately, the gift was never reciprocated. I forgive you for being a maintainer of relationships,  for being the one to seek others out,  but no one ever bothered to seek you out. I forgive you for caring about the welfare of others. No matter how busy your  life or day is you always let people know they mattered. I forgive you for having hope and giving chances more than you should or in fact they deserved. I forgive you for always pushing past the pain for the higher good. I forgive you for loving those who didn’t love you back; not in the degree you gave. 

I want you to understand that you weren’t ever the problem. That you gave to others beyond what your soul could and should’ve gave. Don’t be angry at yourself that you couldn’t receive what you gave. Understand that you deserve to get everything you put your passion in. You are worth so much more and don’t allow anyone through their behaviour and actions to prove otherwise. You will be taken for granted, but that is no longer your lesson, it is theirs. Let go of everything that ails you and know that the strength you pride yourself in is there. 

You have carried many on your back with expecting nothing but appreciation. It was not given, but darling you probably don’t see it now, but it is okay– you will learn that. 

You don’t need anyone to see you, you need to see yourself. 



I fight against it with all my might

You cause butterflies within my soul

A gravitational pull;
From your celestial body.
An inevitable collision—
You ignite me!
A raging fire;
A passion I have missed from my
Other lives.
Denying only awakens it
From its eternal sleep.
A burning desire;
I fight against it with all my might.
The universe will whisper
If this time
We got it right.