Red Silk Murders Episode 2

They walked together in the blistering cold. Jeremiah watched her auburn hair flick against the wind. They reached a building on 49th street with its beige bricks and full panel windows. 

Samantha: Well, here we are.

Jeremiah:  You’re kidding.

Samantha: No. Why?

He could tell she wasn’t sure if he was being sarcastic or serious.

Jeremiah:  We’re neighbors. I live across the street, it’s a wonder I’ve never seen you.

Samantha: No way!? (looks at him seductively) it wasn’t meant to be…yet.

They began kissing in the elevator groping and fondling each other. He lifted her up against the elevator wall, her bottom resting on a rail. The elevator reached the 11th floor, and he watched her stumble in the hallway fixing herself. The red carpet felt soft under his feet as they made their way into Samantha’s apartment. As soon as she opened the door, he grabbed her hair and kissed her. 

She is turned on by him and finds him so aggressive for someone who looks so passive.  She never would have thought how he physically appeared would have matched his personality.

He tugged at her hair inhaling the smell of Jasmine and Vanilla. He heard her moan in his ear and he could feel his penis hard. He ripped off her see-through green colored blouse exposing her hard nipples. He puts his mouth on them, so warm in his mouth like tasting summer. She grabbed onto his hair as her tongue wrapped his. Jeremiah pushed her onto the bed. He watched her for a moment as he put on a condom. He watched her arms swirl above her head as if she was dancing against waves of sand. He lifted her skirt and ripped off her panties. He penetrated her; thrusting into her petite body. She moaned in pain, but seemed to enjoy his roughness. Her sexual intensity aroused him violently. He pulled her towards her writing desk and bent her over; roughly penetrating her anus. Samantha let out a quick yelp, but  seemed to enjoy the bold move. 

She felt him pounding against her skin; she could feel her body vibrate as he was reaching towards his climax. She could feel him moving faster and harder.

Jeremiah tried to pound her as hard as he could as he ejaculated. He felt instant gratification leaving his palm prints on her body. As he pulls out his penis, he looked over to her clock and saw that it was 4:00 p.m. He went to the bathroom and flushed the condom down the toilet. He opened the door and saw her adjusting her hair; partially dressed.

Jeremiah: See ya sweet cheeks.

Samantha: Where ya going?

Jeremiah:  I have things to attend to. I’ll keep in touch; remember I know where you live.

As he walked out the door Samantha yelled

Samantha:  Call me!

Jeremiah: (turns around and grins) No. You’ll see me soon…

Jeremiah stepped into the elevator making his way down to the lobby. It was surprisingly empty as he rushed out so no one would see him. He jogged across the street to his apartment complex and made his way up the elevator. As he walked into the apartment, he stumbled over a grey lounge chair.

Jeremiah: (looks at the lounge chair) Mother fucker! Wait! What!? He finally leaves something I do alone, what a fucking miracle! (He lifts up the lounge chair and sits down and looks at his watch 4:15 p.m.) I’m going to sleep, that fucking bitch Claire can wait.

He fell asleep thinking about Samantha and planning her death.


 The phone in his left pocket begins to vibrate. Adam jumps up and sees himself disarrayed noticing his pants unbuckled. He fumbles for his cell phone and sees it is Claire.

Adam: Hey Claire, what’s up?

Claire: Was I delusional when I told you to be here at 5 Adam?

Adam looked at his watch and sees that it is 7:00 p.m. Adam is stupefied and doesn’t remember anything, except when he was confronted by a woman on the street.

Adam: Ah shit Claire! I’m sorry! I’ll be right there!

Claire: Don’t come. I’ll meet you!

Adam: Why what’s up?

Claire: There was a murder on the 11th floor across the street from your apartment it seems to be the “Red Silk” Killer.

Adam stood speechless looking down at his clothing as he heard the sirens.

Adam: (feeling confused) Okay (hangs up and thinks to himself) It can’t be a coincidence that he killed someone across the street from where I live. Maybe he knows I’m helping the police and this is his message that he is watching me… Fuck! 

Adam fixed himself, trying to recollect the things he did before and after the doctor, but couldn’t remember anything. There was a knock on his door and didn’t realize how quickly time had passed. He opened the door to see Claire annoyed. As she entered his apartment, he could tell she was surprised.

Claire:  What the hell happened here?!

Adam: Nothing, let’s go.

Adam stepped into 11B seeing an auburn-haired female with her hair covering her face. He sees the red silk sheet covering her abdomen with her breast exposed. Adam notices something different about this crime. He put on latex gloves that CSU gave him upon entering.

Claire: What’s up Adam, what do you see?

Adam: I don’t know yet, but his pattern changed, he never leaves his victims unorganized.

Claire: yea well… pull back the hair.

Adam approached the corpse taking his ball point pen and moved the victim’s hair aside. He saw that her eyeballs were missing. Adam is slightly mortified and jumped up. He could feel chills going down his back. .

James, a CSI walked up to them

James: After examining the victim, it seems the perp had sex with her before killing her.

Adam looked around the crime scene to see if he noticed anything out of the ordinary. He felt confused and uncomfortable, he couldn’t understand why this room seemed familiar. He walked around the room and noticed a picture of the victim. He lifted it up and took a closer look and realized it was the woman that confronted him. He dropped the picture frame and the glass broke.   

Claire: Are you alright?

Adam: Yes. It just slipped out of my hand… He is definitely escalating.

Claire: Alright, so what do you think?

Adam: So… what is the difference between this murder and his previous victims? All the other murders were organized and he never sexually interacted with his victims, because that’s not the point; this is the only victim we’ve seen him actually have sex with which means–

Claire & Adam: She’s the only one who’s seen him!

Adam: I need to see the bathroom!

The killer always left a note on the bathroom mirror at the crime scene.

He ran into the bathroom pushing back the door with Claire right behind him. As soon as he entered the bathroom he saw the message, “There is no such thing as coincidence, only in the eye of the beholder.” He felt his skin crawl as he read it out loud to Claire. Adam opened the medicine cabinet to see the victim’s eyeballs placed on a gold rimmed mirror.

Claire turned away quickly. She had seen a lot of crimes: babies being battered, women with no heads, even bodies being split open, but something about this lingered in the air almost making her choke. She felt it was more the fact of what it meant– it wasn’t a spontaneous happening, the killer enjoyed this. The sight of the eyeballs made her skin crawl, Adam tapped her shoulder.

Adam: You alright Claire?

Claire: Yea… Yea, just this asshole makes my skin crawl. (Claire rubs her shoulders)

Adam: The eyeballs are still moist (touching the slim of the eyeball between his thumb and index finger) 

Claire removes a thermometer from her Forensic kit and walks over to the victim and inserts it into her rectum to get the victim’s body temperature. Claire ran to the bathroom-

Claire: The victim has only been dead for at least two hours!

Adam was interested in this victim since he had saw her a couple of hours ago.  He pulled back the red sheet to find two palm prints on both of her hips. He also noticed that the victim was not dissected from the chest down. There was no damage on the body accept for her eyeballs and red marks.

Claire: (looking up from the body) You noticed he didn’t  do anything to the body, compared to his other victims? (Looks at Adam) What was so special about her? Why didn’t he dissect her?

Adam: (Looking over the body) We need to find out, because he’s changing patterns.

C.S.U. came in to remove the body. Adam looked at the picture of the woman who was now dead on her bed. He looked out the window and could see his building across the way. He saw the picture and remembered her face clearly.

Claire: Her name was Samantha O’Connolly (showing Adam her ID)

He felt uneasy and nauseous. 

Claire looked over the mahogany colored desk, inch by inch, dusting graphite looking for prints. Hoping to herself that the killer was cocky enough to touch the desk while he was ravishing his victim. 

As she bent over to check the farther side of the desk, Adam looked at Claire’s voluptuous ass. Her auburn hair flowing to the side. The slight unnoticed wind caressing her strands, making Adam aroused. Adam had the slight provocation to place his hands on her hips the way the killer did to his victim. He quickly took the idea out of his mind and felt nauseous for even thinking about it. He stared at the bed where the victim use to be. He stared at the covers looking at the waves when Detective Crews walked in.

Philip Crews: (struts in) Okay this asshole is completely out of character now! He’s fucking gouging out eyeballs now?!

Adam turned to Philip annoyed by his presence. He could tell that Philip noticed.

Philip Crews: You okay man?! Did I interrupt your train of thought? (sarcastically)

Adam : In matter of fact you did… (turns to Philip) You know sometimes I wonder why the fuck they would even promote a senseless dumb motherfucker like yourself to homicide. It seems (raising his voice) to me you don’t even know the difference between your middle or index finger even with you staring at your own fucking hand!

Both Philip and Claire looked at Adam surprised; he was always very calm, the one who over analyzed things, with his dark framed glasses and tumbleweed colored skin. The man who slouched over because his job was not allowing him to sleep at night; the lines on his forehead becoming more noticeable each passing day; he was someone different.

Claire: (shocked) Adam! Are you okay? What’s going on? (Grabbing onto his shirt) Chill out! Take a minute!

Adam: (Slaps her hand away) Get the fuck off of me!!

Philip being the New York cop slammed Adam against the wall and cuffed him. Claire stunned yelled at Philip.

Claire:  Stop! Don’t you dare treat him like a criminal!

Philip: Are you fucking kidding me Claire!

Claire walked up to Philip’s face and stared into his dark brown eyes

Claire: No. I am not kidding– Let him go now.

Philip pushed Adam harder against the wall before letting him go; He moved his face up to Adam’s ear.

Philip: You’re lucky you had your partner here to save you.

Adam: (Brushing his jacket off) Yea extraordinary luck (rubbing his wrists)

Philip stormed out the room; and Claire stared at him as Adam was staring at the door. She couldn’t believe the once gentle man would be so assertive and disgruntle. 

Claire: What’s been with you lately? Seriously you need a vacation.

Adam: I am not going to rest until I catch this bastard!

Claire: Let’s get something to eat, you seem a little high strung.

Adam wanted to decline, but her green eyes were so captivating they reminded him of the solar nebula. He watched her as she put on her Hunter green parka and lift up her auburn hair to adjust her coat. Adam analyzed Claire and how wonderful she looked. 

They left the crime scene and walked outside, cops still standing around talking, laughing, their breath visible to the cold air. 

Adam: There’s a diner two blocks away.

They walked in the cold, Adam’s mind racing trying to make sense of it all. They entered Jim’s diner. Adam made eye contact with the waitress that looked at the door when the bell rang when they walked in. She walked up to them 

Claire: Two please.

He followed Claire and the waitress to a booth with two red seats. The diner reminded him of  the 50’s. All he could do was think about the woman and the crime scene.

Claire: You don’t look well Adam.

He removed his jacket and looked at the waitress waiting for her to finish serving them coffee. As she placed down the menus and walked away. He looked at Claire as her eyes were scanning over the lists. He opened his mouth…

Adam: The woman. Samantha. I saw her a couple of hours before she was murdered.


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