Red Silk Murders Episode 3

Claire: Are you fucking with me Adam?

Her voice was quiet and stern.

Adam: No.

He thought about explaining more, but that was the only response he could give. He watched her stare at him, analyzing his face for a smile or an expression of sarcasm.

Adam: I wish I was Claire.

He watched her look around, over his shoulder, and behind her.

Claire: Who else knows?

Adam: No one.

Claire: How could this be? What happened?

Adam: That’s the problem, I don’t know. I don’t remember. I–

Claire: What the fuck you mean you don’t remember?! I would think, I would remember quickly if the person I saw hours ago is dead in front of me and with the MO of the red silk killer!

Although she was whispering, he felt like the whole diner could hear her. She leaned in close to his face, her arms covering the table.

Adam: I don’t remember everything. I remember going to the doctor and after my appointment this woman–Samantha -she confronted me asking if I remembered her. I tried remembering, but I–

Claire: Did she look familiar?!

He didn’t tell Claire about the headache that started during the confrontation with Samantha. He could tell Claire was worried and panic starting to set in.

Adam: No.

He saw her slam herself against the diner’s chair and look out the window.

Claire: Was anyone following you from the doctor’s office? Did anyone look suspicious?

He felt a slight headache start. He rubbed his forehead trying to think.

Adam: I don’t think so… I just haven’t been right.

Claire: What you mean?

Adam:  I’ve been forgetting things…

He didn’t want to say, but he knew he needed to get his head checked out.

Claire: Don’t worry we’ll figure it out. Whatever you do, don’t open your mouth to Crews. We both know you are not his favorite person and he’ll make your life hell. You can lose your job or worse end up in jail.

He knew that. Crews would be the very last person he would tell.

Adam: I —

The waitress approached them.

Waitress: Are you ready to order?

They both ordered, sat, and ate in silence. He felt ashamed to look at Claire and it seemed the feeling was mutual, because she did not raise her head to look at him except when she drank her coffee. Somewhere in the middle of dinner he had lost his appetite, but kept eating. They paid and walked out of the diner. It started to snow and he looked up in disbelief. He put his hands in his pocket and turned to Claire, but she spoke first.

Claire: I’ll walk you home.

Adam: You’re my chaperon now?

She smirked

Claire: For someone who doesn’t remember where they are or going, I figure I make sure you don’t get into any trouble.

He felt ashamed and nauseous

Claire: Oh Adam too soon? I’m sorry, I’m just trying to lighten up the mood. (She tapped him on the shoulder with her fist)

He didn’t feel better and just walked in silence beside her. They approached his apartment complex and he looked across the street and still saw patrol cars. He turned to her.

Adam: Do you think I did it?

A look of surprise flashed upon her face, her green eyes were wide.

Claire: What?

Adam: Do you think I did it?

Claire:  I–

Adam: Be honest with me.

She grabbed his coat collar and stared into his eyes with sincerity.

Claire: No. I know you, you wouldn’t even hurt a fly. I know its cliché, but it’s true. You would never do something like this.  You’re an honest man Adam. Maybe the killer followed you, maybe he did this to frame you or rattle you to stop helping the police.

Adam felt better. He felt relieved that she didn’t find him guilty, that she had the same theory he did. Even though deep down inside him he felt that he wasn’t followed. He couldn’t understand it or even begin to explain.

Claire: Just get some rest. We’ll do some digging tomorrow try to find out as much as possible. I have a friend in the station that can help us.

She crossed the street and got into her Ford. He watched her put on her seat belt and waved him goodbye. He watched her drive away. He looked across the street again and remembered the picture of Samantha.  His head started to ache again and he walked inside his apartment complex. He looked at his reflection as he waited for the elevator, his face looked drain and tired. He looked down at his watch 11:30 p.m. The elevator bell made him look up and watched the door open. He saw someone behind him that looked exactly like him and he jerked around, but no one was there. His head pounded harder and he felt sensitive to the light. He stumbled into the elevator and pressed the 23rd floor. He was anxious to get to his room, he shook and searched for his meds. The elevator door opened and he almost ran to his apartment. He fumbled around for his keys as he stood in front of the door. He swung it open and slammed it with his foot as he threw the keys on the dresser. He made his way to the bed in the dark. He hit it with his knees and just laid down. He could feel himself drift off to sleep.


He stretched his arms and took off his glasses. He got up, removed his coat and threw it on the bed. He looked down and saw his erection. He grabbed it feeling its hardness and thought of Samantha. He felt his penis hardened when he thought about the blade entering her socket to remove her eyes. He remembered how brown they were, fiery and warm like cinnamon. He walked to his closet, clothes hanging neatly; some were professional and causal. He looked down at the shoes and was disgusted with Adam’s taste in style. Under the hanging clothes stood a box Adam kept his files of his past cases. He pushed aside the box and pushed open two floorboards underneath.  He removed his knife, gloves, and a red silk scarf. He put everything back in order and looked at his watch 1:00 a.m. He made his way through the lobby and looked at his reflection and smiled. He passed his fingers through his hair.

Security guard: Hey Mr. Moore!

He looked at him and nodded his head.

Security guard: Did you hear about the murder across the street? Crazy right bro?! That Red Silk killer man he’s roaming these streets!

Jeremiah approached his desk and smiled.

Jeremiah: Yea? You think it’s cool Jeff?

Jeff smiled

Jeff : It’s just satisfying see those pigs worry. He’s killed 15 women so far, he got red heads changing their hair color and shit.

Jeremiah smiled surprised at this news.

Jeremiah: Really? Very good to know my man, very good to know. Here.

He had  a hundred dollar bill between his fingers and extended his hand

Jeremiah: Have a good night.

Jeff: Thanks man!

He walked away and said to himself

Jeremiah: No… Thank you.


He walked through the snow making his way to “The Black Capricorn” he could hear the music –louder every time the door opened. He walked in and the security guard stopped him.

Security guard: ID.

He opened his wallet and gave him Adam’s ID. The guard patted him down, but he wasn’t worried about the guard finding the knife he had it attached to his belt anyone would’ve thought it was a belt buckle. The guard opened the door and let him through. The electronic music was deafening. He stood tall and looked around as he walked in. He saw men and woman trying to talk against the loud music. He saw men try hard to pick up women. He found that people have a certain sense about them that reveals their desperation. An energy he felt that only he could see, this is why it was so easy for him to pick up women. He could read them; in what they wanted, what they liked or what they didn’t like—just had to follow the signs. He approached the bar and signaled to the bartender.

Bartender: What’ll be?

Jeremiah: Black Pearl.

He watched the bartender pour him a shot of Black Pearl and watched the flashes of light hit the dance floor. He could tell that he arrived when people were already intoxicated. He scanned the place and looked around for his red head. He saw blondes and brunettes using their mating  dance to attract their next one night stand. He had a lot of reasons for loving red heads: one they were rare and two they brought him memories of his past. He turned slightly to look at the liquor bottles decorating the wall of the bar. He heard a woman’s voice.

Woman: Buy me a drink?

He turned around

Claire: Adam?!


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