Red Silk Murders Episode 4

She couldn’t believe her eyes and felt slightly embarrassed that she asked him to buy her a drink without knowing who he was.

Claire: What are you doing here?! I mean, I didn’t even know you liked this…this stuff.

She felt uncomfortable with the way she was dressed; a coral mini dress that reached to her upper thigh. She wished that she had bought a sweater to cover her cleavage. He had never seen her dressed like that. She noticed that he wasn’t wearing his glasses and somehow seemed different. His expression and something about the way he stood in front of her seemed that if she didn’t know better, she would’ve thought he was someone else.

Jeremiah:  Do you still want that drink?

Claire: Yea… Um… I guess Yea.

She stared at him as he spoke to the bartender.

Bartender: whattaya having?

Jeremiah; Gin and tonic and for the lady…

He turned his head to her sending goose bumps down her spine. She never noticed before, but he was very attractive, his eyes seemed full of passion and intensity.

Claire: Cherry mojito.

Jeremiah: Cherry mojito my man.

Claire watched as the middle-age bartender moved his hands gracefully as he prepared her drink. His clothing matched the scene, but his face didn’t—he seemed out of place. She noticed Adam staring at her and she smirk.

Claire: So–

Jeremiah:  You look real good Claire. I mean real good.

She saw his eyes analyze the curves of her body; full of lust. She felt her blood rush to her face.

Claire: Thanks.  So, what you doing here? You come here often?

Jeremiah: Sometimes, yea.

They talked over the loud music. She found him interesting and intriguing. This was a new side of Adam she had never seen. He hardly ever spoken to her at work, except about work, and if they did have a conversation, it was very light.

Claire: You surprise me Adam.

Jeremiah: I’m full of surprises.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. She felt his energy; the intensity like the waves of the sea. By then, she felt intoxicated and felt comfortable enough to let loose. They swayed together and he grabbed her ass. Inside herself she was startled, but she didn’t stop him. She felt his fingers go up her skirt slightly putting his finger in her vagina. She searched his eyes for embarrassment or uncertainty, but there was none. He stared at her, motionless, telling her with his eyes he knew what he was doing. She felt aroused and she saw a fire light in his eyes and he kissed her. She felt his tongue roll in her mouth. How good he kissed, his body overcame her and she gave into his passion. He pulled his face away and she felt high in a state of ecstasy. Everything fell silent and all she could see was him.

Claire: Come home with me.


He stood behind her as she searched for her keys in her black studded purse. He didn’t expect to find her in Black Capricorn; he was looking for his next victim. He looked at her hair and leaned in to smell it. Her hair smelled like hazelnut with a hint of sweat that he could taste on his tongue. He thought about killing her would be a big risk, and he knew that if he wasn’t careful he could get caught. He imagined her as the sixteenth victim, and kissed her behind her neck. She put the key in the lock and opened the door.

Claire: Come in. Do you want—

He grabbed and lifted her. Her smooth ass felt good in his hands. He leaned her against the wall and kissed her breast. He could feel her heat and her sweat on his lips. She kissed him passionately. He took her into the closest room he could find, and placed her on the bed. He ripped off her panties kissing and licking between her legs. He felt her body squirm and heard her moan. Her whole body smelled enticing, even her natural scent. He stood up and removed her dress, her body was like porcelain with constellations of freckles. He saw her look at him. He could sense that she was nervous, yet wanting him to penetrate her. He loved her eyes he pictured them out of their sockets. He removed his jacket and his shirt. She stood up and got on her knees, she went to unfastened his belt, but he stopped her.

Jeremiah: Lay down.

He sensed that she was embarrassed for trying to give him oral.

Jeremiah: Just lay down…face down.

He saw uncertainty in her eyes and face. He got on his knees and began to lick her from her flesh pink vagina to her anus. The way her body reacted, made him do it more intensely. She rocked back and forth rubbing her genitals on his face. He grabbed her hips and could feel her smooth flesh beneath them. He unfastened his belt and took out his hard penis. He penetrated her and leaned on her slightly kissing every freckle she had. He wrapped his arm around her neck, holding her; adding more power in his thrust. She moaned passionately and told him she was having an orgasm. He moved his left arm to his belt and removed the knife. He opened the switchblade…

(Door unlocks)

He felt a force hit him to the floor.

Claire: Tom!!

He was punched by this new intruder and was very close to stabbing him, but he resisted. He could hear Claire yelling and screaming. He punched him back and saw his nose bleeding. It stopped him from fighting. Jeremiah got up and fixed his pants. He looked at Claire who had pulled her sheet to cover her body.

Jeremiah: I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.

He could tell she was mortified and angry.

Claire: I don’t. He’s an ex-boyfriend. He used to live here but—never mind I don’t want to get into it.

She got dressed and he stared at Tom. He then realized that Tom was drunk. He was babbling non sense.

Jeremiah: I’m just going to go.

Claire: I’m so so sorry Adam.

Jeremiah: It’s alright.

He saw the guy holding onto his nose and Claire getting a rag. He felt irritated, but then he smiled closing the door behind him.


(Banging on the door)

Person: Adam Moore, open up!

He opened his eyes and saw that it was morning. He heard the banging and he wondered what the emergency was. He heard Detective Crews yell. He wondered if the Red Silk Killer struck again or if he found out he saw Samantha O’Connelly before she died.

Detective Crews: Open up Adam!

Adam fixed his clothes and walked to the door. He looked into the peep hole and saw Detective Crews and two other men in uniform. He removed the golden chain from the lock and opened the door.

Adam: What’s up?

Detective Crews reached out for him, pulled him, and slammed him against the wall. Adam was fully awake now and confused.

Adam: What the fuck is going on?!

He felt his face pressed against the cornflower blue wall and saw the other men in uniform with their guns withdrawn. Detective Crews removes his handcuffs from his waist and cuffed him. He can feel the metal press on his skin like blades. He spoke near Adam’s ear.

Detective Crews: Adam Moore, you are under arrest for the murder of Tom Johnson.


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