Red Silk Murders Episode 6

She saw his face change, but she couldn’t tell what expression he had. She could feel herself tremble with anxiety. Telling someone what she did made her feel worse than she thought it would. She felt sick and had flashbacks of Tom. She stared at Adam.

Adam: What?

She didn’t want to repeat herself, but she saw she needed to.

Claire:  I killed Tom.

She saw his eyes search hers; she guessed to see if she was lying. Although she felt shaken up, deep down she wasn’t sorry for what she did.

Claire: I killed him Adam. It wasn’t you.

Adam: I don’t understand. How could you kill him?

Claire: You really don’t remember anything from last night?

Adam: No Claire I don’t. Last I remember is being in my apartment with a headache.

She felt sorry for Adam. She could tell he was confused.

Adam: What was in the letter?

She couldn’t believe he didn’t know. After all that happened she couldn’t understand how someone could forget so much information.  She told him  about Black Capricorn and saw his face red with embarrassment when she told him about the sex.

Claire: Then, that’s when Tom came in.

She saw Adam look at his hand; the discolored knuckles. He looked upset and frustrated.

Claire: You left your wallet, and he put it in his pocket and he told me he was gonna go after you and I tried to stop him, because I know how he is and so…

She paused. She didn’t want to continue. She felt disgusted, ashamed, and nauseous . She looked out her car window and watched people walk by in their long coats; rushing to their destination to escape the harsh winter. She could feel a knot wedged in her throat and aching to hold back her tears . She put her hand to her chest trying to console herself. She stood silent in her seat.

Adam: What happened Claire? Please, I need to know.

She looked at him, but couldn’t see him clearly with the tears in her eyes.

Claire: He…

She parted her coat and moved her peach sweater to the side, exposing dark bruises. Adam placed his hand on the collar of her sweater and moved it to the side revealing more bruises on her chest . She felt so ashamed and angry; she hated to feel like a victim. She heard Adam whisper.

Adam: Oh my God Claire…

She pulled away from him

Claire: It’s not the first time he’s beat and raped me.  After he did it and walked out the door, I –I don’t know What came over me! I was so angry so tired of him putting his hands on me. When he told me he was going to take care of you I stood on my bedroom floor and something in me just it– just snapped.

She waited for Adam’s response, but he just stood silent in his seat. She could only hear the traffic and the people outside. Claire couldn’t contain herself and started to cry hysterically. She tried to pull herself together, but felt so emotionally exhausted. She placed her head in her hands and sobbed. She felt Adam’s hand on her shoulder, but he didn’t say a word. For a moment she thought how different Adam was compared to last night. She lifted her head and could see his face through the strands of hair, giving him a reddish color like stained glass. She could tell he didn’t know how to console her. He wasn’t open with his emotions, but she appreciated the gesture. She leaned over to him and placed her head on his chest. She felt his hesitation, but then felt him wrap his arms around her. She thought he smelled good as she cried in his arms. He patted her on the head and pushed her strands of hair away from her face. She felt embarrassed for leaning on him and saw that she had wet his shirt.

Claire: I’m sorry, your shirt is soaked. .

Adam: It’s alright don’t worry about it.

He grabbed the sides of her face and for a moment she saw the same fiery stare she saw in him last night.

Claire: I don’t know what I’m going—

He kissed her and she was slightly surprised he did. She had many thoughts cross her mind, but she couldn’t help but want him.

Adam: Come upstairs with me.


He tasted so good. His mouth sweet and tender; nothing compared to last night. He was more sensual in his movement. They stood at the foot of his bed. He caressed her body and put his fingers through her hair. His kisses became passionate and full of want. She could feel the need for his body overwhelm her with arousal. He started to undress her and kissed her bruises. She kissed him with so much intensity, but started to get flashbacks of Tom raping her. She remembered him punching her and feeling the pain of knuckles pounding her  skin. She pushed him back.

Adam: What’s wrong?

Claire: I’m sorry…I can’t. I want you and I want to, but—

Adam: It’s okay Claire.

She looked down at her feet and felt broken . She knew her life will never be the same.

Claire: I don’t what I’m going to do…

Adam: We’ll figure it out.

Claire: I feel so—oh my god Adam.

She saw blood drip from his nose.

Adam: What? (puts his hand to his nose)

Claire: You’re bleeding!

She watched him reach over for a tissue, but the blood started to come down faster. He fell to the floor and started to shake. She rushed to his side.

Claire: Oh my god Adam!!

She opened up her cellphone and dialed 911

Claire: Please I need an ambulance!… 2226 49th street 23rd floor…

She stared at Adam horrified when he stopped shaking, and she put her hand to his chest. She felt her heart fill with fear.

Claire:  Oh my god please hurry he’s not breathing!!!

Copyright @ 2015 enicolaspena


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