Red Silk Murders Episode 8 (mid-season finale)

The night had settled in as he looked outside his office window. The blinds were half way open letting in the streetlight glaze his shirt with stripes. He was angry and unconvinced of the story he was told. He went over the cases in his mind and remembered every victim and its details. He tried to fit them all together, maybe there was something he missed. Something that was in plain sight, but he had overlooked. He thought about Tom Johnson and wondered if Adam was capable of killing. He strongly believed everyone was capable of killing. Especially, if they had the confidence of not getting caught. He always found something off about Adam.
He turned around to his desk and laid out the crime scene photos of Tom Johnson. He knew it would take great strength to pull someone up by the neck with a rope. He felt confused on why the perp decided to put a scarf on the victim, especially the wrong color. Was there a reason? Was it purposely done to look like a failed copycat? Was it true what Claire said? Was Tom going after Adam, but happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time? His gut told him that statement was too much of a cliché.
He lifted the pictures up to his sight.

Detective Crews: What am I missing…?
(Phone rings)
Detective Crews: Hey Doc?…I’m on my way. (hangs up receiver)
The Medical Examiner had told him that he found something. Crews took his jacket and headed to the precinct’s elevator. He could hear the squeak of his shoes against the waxed floor. He felt excited that he could finally get the lead he was looking for. The elevator seemed to travel slower as his mind filled with thoughts and theories. The doors opened and the corridor felt chilly. The feel of death lingered in the hallways; along the pathway to the examiner’s office. He hated to pass the morgue, he always felt as if something he couldn’t see stared at him.
He made it to the double doors that led to the examination room. He looked into the window first and saw David. A slender man with brown curls on the top of his head. His lab coat didn’t seem to fit him well and his glasses obscured his eyes. He saw him look up from the body and waved for him to enter.
Crews: What do ya got?

David was looking over the body and filling out the report of his findings.
David: (pointing to the marks) You see these markings? This marking, you see how it’s slanted up? Shows the victim was hanged post-mortem. Now you see this one? How it’s slanted down? This was the cause of death. (He lifted one of the eyeballs) see these blood vessels on the eyes, the inflammation? This is caused by asphyxiation.

Crews: Okay so cause of death is strangulation.

David: Yes um (pushing his glasses up) the victim is 5’11 and with the direction the line is going—
Crews: The perp was shorter than the victim…

Nurse: Did you hear me Mr. Moore? What are you doing out of bed?
He just stood staring at her; how he wished she was a red head. She was pretty enough to be his latest victim, but she was a brunette. Such a shame he thought. She held the tray in her hands, he could tell she felt uncomfortable. Jeremiah walked out of the bathroom and headed to the bed. He could feel the nurse follow him with her eyes. She walked quietly towards him like a cautious mouse. As he sat at the edge of the bed, she stood in front of him. He could smell her perfume, light and subtle, but as a predator he could taste it in his mouth.

Nurse: Let me fix that I.V. for you.
Jeremiah: No.
He looked directly into her eyes; her eyes had fear. She looked at the door when the doctor stepped in and rushed out quickly; avoiding his eyes.

Dr. Miller: How are you feeling Mr. Moore?
Jeremiah: Like a new man.
The doctor smirked and opened his file.
Dr. Miller: You had suffered a brain aneurysm. Explains the severe headaches, sensitivity to light and the seizure—
Jeremiah: I’ll live?
Dr. Miller: Yes, you are a very lucky man. Have you been hearing voices?
He knew if it were Adam he would have been taken off guard, but he was emotionless. The doctor took out a picture of his brain scan.

Dr. Miller: It seems we have found some abnormalities in your brain. (pointing to the center of the scan) I would like you to see Dr. Lynn Weeks for evaluation.
He handed him a card: Dr. Lynn Weeks PhD, MD 17 E16th STREET #4
Jeremiah looked to the door as a man walked in with his hands in his pocket. He showed identification to them.

Dr. Miller: I will leave you two to talk and I will set up your appointment. (Walks out)
Person: Doc. (nodding his head in greeting)
Jeremiah: Well now, look who we have here… Detective Crews.
Crews: I need to ask you a couple of questions about Claire.
It was nightfall as she stood in front of the hospital. She knew visiting hours were over as she looked at her watch. She thought about Adam. She decided to walk back to her car that was parked around the corner. As she walked briskly into the night, she passed by a car that seemed familiar. The black Buick Regal stood a couple of feet away from the hospital entrance. She looked inside and saw some files on the seat. She leaned in closely slightly fogging up the window with the breath of her nose, and saw a picture of a man with his family. As she focused closely she realized it was Detective Crews. She backed away from the car and looked quickly at the hospital’s main entrance. She felt panic grab her muscles and chills up her spine. She walked quickly to her car—almost running. She got into her car and put the keys into the ignition. She didn’t look as she sped out, but heard a band of car horns. She felt anxious and could hear her pulse in her ears. She wondered why Crews was at the hospital. How long was he there for? She didn’t want to go home, and remembered she had Adam’s keys. She decided to head to his apartment to gather her thoughts. She thought of everything that happened and felt sick to her stomach.
She opened the door to Adam’s apartment and felt around the wall for the light switch. She saw the blood stained carpet and sat at the edge of his bed. She thought about him, and felt terrible for not going up to see him. Her body trembled and she held herself.
Claire: I have to pull myself together- what was crews doing there? What am I going to do? What if they find out I killed Tom? My life is over…but that bastard deserved it! He deserved a lot more than what he got. I wish I would’ve tortured him first.

She took off her coat and went to wash her face. She walked into the bathroom and was surprised to see how neat everything was. He had everything in order ranging from size and color. She opened his medicine cabinet and saw prescription bottles. She read the names to herself, but didn’t know what they were for. She left the bathroom and started to look around his apartment. She felt curious about him now.
She walked over to his closet and turned on the light. She looked at his clothes and was amazed how organized everything was. She looked down at his shoes and noticed a box. She bent down and opened it, and saw that it was old case files. As she moved the box to the side she noticed that the floorboard was loose. She cleared the space and pushed down the floorboard. She felt apprehensive as she put her hand in the open space. She reached around and felt something cold against her fingers. She grabbed it and pulled out a knife with a black carbon handle. The steel blade was clean and sharp. She wondered why Adam kept it under the floorboard. She put her hand in again and felt around the space. It felt empty and was about to pull her hand out until she felt something soft—she grabbed it. She pulled it out and felt her heart stop—red silk. She stumbled back and laid against the closet door. She was gasping for air and felt like she was suffocating—an anxiety attack. She could feel her heart beat hard and her breath shaky, when suddenly the light went out. She jumped to her feet and felt around waving her hand to find the string to the light. She found it and pulled, but it wouldn’t turn on. She yanked at it frantically and stopped when she heard the floor squeak. Her voice trembled.

Claire: h…h…hello?
She felt tears run down her face. Her chest was sore from the rapid beating of her heart. The fear made her want to vomit.
Claire: (sobbing) please…
She extended her arms out searching for a wall. She realized the blinds and curtains were shut on how dark it was in the room. The search through the emptiness scared her. She heard breathing and dropped her arms. She began to slowly walk backwards. She bumped into something and felt someone cover her mouth tightly. She felt the breath on her ear and his voice chilled her veins.

Jeremiah: Surprise. (Claire’s muffled scream)


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