A letter

You all are too young to understand this world, me, or yourself. The innocence, which with each passing day, diminishes as you live in this world of ours. You will experience things in your life that can be explained and others that cannot. You will experience amazing, beautiful, life changing things, but you will also experience bad, awful, and destructive events. Whether you grow up to believe in God, a higher energy, or probably nothing at all, you must focus on the higher good of yourself. This world will change you—no one is ever left unchanged, but you can control how it changes you. Certain events in life can inspire you and sometimes destroy you, this part you are in control of. You can take the most horrific situation and find something beautiful out of it. Maybe not right away, but somewhere down the road. It may not even be for you, but someone close to you. Or simply others who are in need of it more.

Never be afraid to be who you are or to speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to be different and to stand out among the crowd. If someone hurts you, don’t be afraid to walk away. Even less don’t be afraid to try again elsewhere and with someone else. Do not punish the people around you and people you will meet in the future. Love yourself, respect yourself, and understand that you are great and worthy. Treat your mind, body, and soul well. Feed yourself, nourish yourself with knowledge, experiences, and freedom. Learn to make sacrifices without sacrificing your most valuable part of yourself. Don’t be afraid to say no, and don’t be stubborn to say yes. Try everything that will help you grow, for anything that values you will grow with you. Don’t hold onto money or possessions, to anger or to envy.

Love your family, love your children, and love those who support you. Be grateful and appreciate everything and everyone. We are prone to forget, to get used to, and can easily take others and things for granted. Learn to live with an open heart and open eyes. Please think before you act and think before you speak. Know that actions speak louder than words, and in some occasions our word is usually all we have. Be loyal and trustworthy, for when these are broken it can be irreparable and difficult to get back. Reflect on your actions and communicate with those around you. This can be the bond that holds your life together. Have empathy and tolerance for those who are different from you. Stand by your beliefs and convictions.

Now I know this sounds like a lot and probably impossible, but it is not. The effort is more important than the act. For with time the effort will be your moral principle and all you can live by. You don’t have to be number one to matter. Just love what you do, be happy, and be proud of it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be at peace with yourself, love yourself truly, and
only then can you really follow your heart. Take it from me it will not let you down.

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