This Place I Dream Of

I dream of a place filled with palm trees green as they come. To be surrounded by mountains with the smell of sea salt lingering in the air. The clouds slightly covering the golden Sun. To spend the days warm with a touch of dryness on the skin. The nights comfortable with clear skies to watch the stars twirl across the night with their ribbons of fire. Being embraced by your lover’s arms.

I dream of a place with the Moon high upon its throne. Its light turning the sand into silver dust. The lake sparkling with flecks of gold.

This place I dream of you can smell love and happiness in a gentle zephyr with a hint of cinnamon. You can feel peace wrap you in its blanket, the way a mother holds her newborn child. Where empathy  is intensely given and love is openly received. Where kisses bursts with colors; flashes of pink, red, and white. Sadness is consoled by unity and anger diffused by kindness.

This place I dream, where does it exist? I truly believe in each of us. Deep down, past the gates of anger, hatred, and sadness. Past the door of pride that is already unlocked,  all we must do is open it…

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2 thoughts on “This Place I Dream Of

  1. Thanks for this cinnamon dream. Love and empathy are in short supply these days, but it seems that the best we can do is dole it out in large amounts ourselves. I hope that if such a place exists, they have whipped cream, honey and rose filled baths.

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