Into the Dark episode 1

Jane stood in the center of the room sitting in a large dark-brown chair. She sat there with her eyes closed breathing softly and steadily. She could feel their eyes watching her. Her best friend Helen stood by her in a steel chair, holding her hand. She could still see Helen with her eyes closed; with her blonde ash hair and soft green eyes. The Sheriff and his colleagues stood in the room chattering as she tried to focus.

Helen: Hey guys? I need you to be quiet.

Most of the cops walked out with skepticism patting them on their shoulder. Jane remained focused as it became dark, like a cloak covering her eyes. Suddenly, like driving down a highway, flashing scenes appeared. She felt like she was flying and could feel her heart soar.

Jane was looking for Rebecca Greene, a girl abducted on her way from campus. As the scenes went faster, she darted through this channel between herself and the girl until she saw Rebecca running. She was dirty, clothes torn, and barefooted. She constantly looked behind her; she knew someone was chasing her. Surrounded by trees and paths full of rocks she ran.

Helen: What do you see?

Jane: I-I can’t tell. I’m in some sort of wooded area. There’s a lot of trees and rocks. It’s hard to tell what’s in front of me.

It had rained recently; the ground was wet and muddy. Jane could feel the humidity in the air. The link between her and Rebecca wasn’t strong, so it was hard to get an exact location, but she could feel the girl’s emotions and see through her eyes.

Helen: Do you hear anything? Cars? People?

Jane: I hear water, but can’t tell which way! Her heart is racing.

Helen: Could you tell us where she is?

Jane: No. She’s just running. I hear water in all directions! Her breathing is shaky and hard. She’s panting.

Helen: You’re doing great Jane just focus.

The sky painted blue with streaks of orange, Jane knew that nightfall was coming. There was a sound behind them and Rebecca started to run faster. She could feel the pain of the rocks jabbing into her feet.

Jane: There’s someone chasing us!

She couldn’t help but include herself. The emotions she felt were real.

Helen: Can you see who?

Jane: No!

She ran to a cluster of rocks that had graffiti with the marking A-24. She crouched, hidden from whoever was chasing them. She could still hear the water and Rebecca’s heart beating loudly in her ears.

Jane: I’m hiding. I’m waiting.

Helen: Where are you now?

Jane: I a–am by a big rock that says A-24.

In the precinct, the sheriff of Coreham County startled by what Jane said looked at Helen.

Sheriff Woodland: She said A-24?

Helen nodded, still holding Jane’s hand. Sheriff Woodland took out his map scanning it hurriedly. He tapped the map hard with his finger.

Sheriff Woodland: I found it! It’s up in Cold Haven trail!

He took his radio and called it in. He stood staring at Jane in her meditative state in disbelief.

Sheriff Woodland: I want all units to head up to Cold Haven trail: marking A-24. The suspect armed and dangerous!

Helen: They’re going for her Jane! What else do you see?

Jane looked around, she couldn’t see or hear anything but water. She crouched out of her hiding place and suddenly heard a branch snap. The sound gave her chills. She looked around with fear an uneasiness that made her skin crawl. As she started to run, she bumped into a man who grabbed her around the neck. Jane started to gasp for air.

Helen: Jane! Jane! What’s wrong?!

She could feel Rebecca trying to fight him back, but his grip was too strong. Jane couldn’t see his face; the fear blinded her. He slammed her on the floor and choked her harder. Rebecca waved her hands around trying to grab  his face, but couldn’t. Time stood still when he brought his lips to her ears and whispered.

Unknown: Go back to where you came from.

Like a bullet, she fell back to the floor with the arm-chair catching her fall.

Helen: Jane! What happened?!

Jane mind was racing. How did he know? How did he know she was watching?

Jane: He knew.

Helen: That’s impossib—

Jane: He knew. I don’t know how, but he knew.

Helen: Here, drink some water.

Jane: No give me the radio.

Helen handed her the radio. Channeled to the Sheriff’s, She held the button, her hands were shaking.

Jane: Sheriff…?

Sheriff: (over radio) Yea?

Jane: Please hurry! She’s still alive!


John made his way to the Cold Haven trail hoping to get there in time. He couldn’t believe he was after the clues given by a psychic. He didn’t believe in all that supernatural stuff, but was willing to try. It was better than not trying at all. He and five units sped to the trail, their sirens echoing through the woods. They all stopped near the sign where three cop cars were already blocking the trail entrance that said: Cold Haven. They got out of their vehicles and ran to the site where A-24 stood.

John was out of breath as he searched for the rock Jane mentioned. He walked; startled when they called him over the radio.

Cop: (over radio) Sheriff we found something.

Sheriff John: I am on my way.

He rushed and in five minutes saw three cops looking down. He saw something on the ground, but was too far away to tell. He knew, he felt it in his stomach. He walked up to where they were standing and saw Rebecca Greene.

Sheriff John:(over radio) Jane?

Jane: (over radio) yea?

Sheriff John: We were too late.

He climbed up the small hill and was able to see the Quajil river.

John: (thinking) water.


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