I sit beside you and I can smell your scent.

I taste it on my lips like vanilla oil from my lip balm.

I breathe you in and my heart races.

I can close my eyes and picture every line on your body– a map I have studied with great detail.

I can stare at you for hours like a painting with a secret message;

Your movement excites my every passion.

How a simple gesture softens my heart– a wall that crumbles with a kiss.

Your essence whispers to my soul and inspires it to live;

your love, my true immortality of war and bliss.


4 thoughts on “Husband

  1. That is so beautiful! I feel the same about the man I love, unfortunately, he doesn’t feel the same but isn’t it amazing how you can smell him when he is no where around! How looking at his face and body never gets old… ah love, such a wonderful thing! I look forward to reading much more of your work, when the grandkids aren’t yelling for supper! but soon, much peace and light to you! Namaste, Michelle

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