Eliza & Rose

My mind creates the stories,
But my heart recites the poems.
I aim for everlasting glory,
And a loving peaceful home.

I wear my soul on my sleeve,
But with a golden shield in hand.
My mind filled with wonderful dreams
My body in an exotic dance.

I am love and I am war;
Nothing but chaos and change.
I am the leader; I am the core,
On my lover’s lips is my name.

I am submission; I am power,
Passionate, clever, and bold.
Consoled in my embrace; in anger you will cower
My love never bought or sold.

I am fierce and a warrior
Beside you I will stand up and fight
There is more than this innocent exterior
Blessed with the gift of sight.

Although I have many flaws
I am full of intensity and fire
I always look for that open door
I have many yearnings and desires

I am one and the same.
I will never be ashamed.

Elizarose Nicolas


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