Into the Dark (episode 3)

She looked into David’s eyes to reassure herself she was awake. He looked down at her concern with the nightmare he had just saw her have.

David: What?

Jane: I-I think he killed another girl. Or maybe he will I-I don’t know.

David: What did you s—

Jane: I have to call Helen!

She took noticed of his surprise when she pushed him out-of-the-way. She sat up and moved near her cherry wood night table. She opened the drawer and took out her gray flip phone. She noticed the Sheriff called ten times. She felt her heart sink; the number of calls from the Sheriff reminded her of the dream. She thought about the girl. From where she was sitting she looked at the carpet; looking for the wet spot. The dream felt so real to her. She looked for Helen’s number and dialed it. She took out her notebook and wrote down her dream as she held the phone to her ear. She tried to write as much detail as she could.

Helen: Hey, What’s up?

Jane: I think he killed another girl.

She waited in silence for Helen’s response. Jane looked at her beige wall trying to picture Helen’s expression.

Helen: What? How do you know?

Jane: I dreamed it, the girl’s name is Jennifer.

She knew that Helen felt just as disturbed as she did. Since she had never dreamed of any past victims. She usually would be sought out by parents, guardians, the police etc. She was good at remote viewing; being able to see where the victims were, especially if they were alive. It was easy for her to follow their spiritual essence. Almost like a unique signature in writing.

She went on and told Helen about the dream. She watched the numbers on her white digital clock change. She noticed David left the room as she spoke in detail about what she saw.

Helen: Should I call the Sheriff?

Jane: Yes, get back to me when you do.

She appreciated Helen. She had naturally became her assistant/Manager. She always did the talking for her. She got up and walked to the doorway and called out to David. Remembering her dream, she got goosebumps.

Jane: David wha—are you okay?

She heard his voice dance up the stairs.

David: Yea! Come eat woman!

She decided to leave her slippers behind and felt the cream-colored carpet beneath her feet. Jane tucked her phone in her bra and headed downstairs.

She stepped into her kitchen– a rustic design she adored. David wasn’t facing her, so she just watched him from behind.

Jane: You know you’re so sexy?

She waited for a quick response, as he always gave, but he didn’t say anything.

Jane: You okay babe?

She thought maybe he was a little upset, because she pushed him off of her. She walked towards him and felt sick to her stomach. She saw him cutting a green winter squash as she approached his side. She was startled by the coldness of stepping in water as she went to touch his shoulder. She looked down at the mahogany tiled floor and realized David’s feet were wet. She felt a sense of dread crawling on her skin like a thousand spiders. Her hand trembled as she turned him around.

Jane: David…?

Jane screamed as he turned around and she saw Jennifer with her blacked out eyes, mouth hung open, and black beetles flying out of it. Jane kept screaming as Jennifer slashed  at her, cutting her with a black handled kitchen knife.

David: Jane! Jane! Wake up!!

She opened her eyes screaming, slapping David away.

David: (Struggling to hold her) Jane—Jane it’s me!

Although she realized she was still in bed, she kept screaming.

David: It’s alright calm down, I got you.

She saw his eyes widen as he looked at her arm.

David: (grabbing her wrist) What the fuck is this?!

She looked at her forearm and saw it bleeding from a gash. She had a ball of nausea in her stomach. David took his shirt and wrapped her arm and stared at her for an answer.

David: What the fuck is this Jane? What the fuck happened?

Jane: Did I call Helen…?

David: Fuck Helen! What–?

Jane: (stares at him) Stop.

He looked at her apologetically and nodded.

David: Yes…you did.

She heard his voice tremble and his face filled with uncertainty.

David: (whispering) How could this happen?

Jane: I— (house bell rings) That has to be Helen!

She grabbed the shirt from David and jumped off the bed. She ran down the stairs and opened the door and saw Helen with Sheriff John.

Jane: What happened?

Helen: I called you five times (looking at Jane’s arm) What the hell happened?!

Jane didn’t know where to start.

Jane: Dreaming…

Helen fell silent as Jane looked at the Sheriff; she couldn’t read his expression. He handed her a picture.

John: Two days ago a girl by the name of Jennifer Conway went missing.

She looked at the picture, it was the drowned girl from her dream.


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