Into the Dark (episode 5)

She knelt beside her

Jane: Hold on Jennifer, help is coming!

Jennifer coughed and sobbed. Jane jumped up and waved to Helen. She saw her with her pants painted with wet mud reaching her thighs. Helen was trying to watch her step.

Jane: (Yelling) Get John!

As soon as she had said his name he appeared a foot away from Helen. Jane went back to attend to Jennifer. She cleaned the mud off her face as the girl continued to cry. Jane didn’t know how else to comfort her. The girl struggled with her arms and touched her stomach. Jane placed her hands on top of Jennifer’s and realized she was bleeding from multiple stab wounds. Blood seeped out like an overflowed cup with each touch.

Jane: I got it, you lie still.

Jane tried to apply pressure and saw a black beetle come out from one of her wounds. Jane felt sick to her stomach. Helen came by her side, but hesitated at the sight of Jennifer. Jane could hear John speaking though his radio. He knelt beside Jennifer and looked at her wounds. He noticed a gash on her leg and he removed his uniform shirt and dressed it. He spoke to her, reassuring her as he addressed her wounds.

Sheriff John: Hi Jennifer, I’m Sheriff John help is on the way. You try to hang in there.

Jane gave them space and wondered where the creature had went. She stood looking around, looking for the mud formed beast.

Helen: I’m going back to the car to wait for help.

Jane heard her, but just nodded in response. In the distance, she thought she saw a person lurking behind a flowered willow tree. She didn’t want John to leave Jennifer so, she walked off alone. She felt her heart beat and pump in her neck. She reached the white-flowered willow tree. She heard a tree branch snap and turned around. She felt her hairs stand on end. She felt a tingling sensation on the back of her neck, that  gave her goosebumps. She touched her pocket and felt for her blade. She took it out and felt anxious. She turned, and the creature jumped her. She dropped the blade and pushed her hands against its neck. Its drool dripped on her face. She felt its breath; the snapping of its mouth made her blood run cold.

She heard laughing and saw a man wearing a black hooded sweater and pants. His face covered with a black mask. All she could hear is his laughter. She managed to grab  a branch between the mouth of the creature, it snapped and its splinters fell on her face. It bit her shoulder, and as she screamed she was suddenly in a dark room. She felt around but there was nothing but darkness. Suddenly she heard a metal door open and deep voice speak.

Unknown voice: Now, now Jennifer don’t cry.

Jane only saw the silhouette of a man at the doorway. She heard his footsteps as he walked into the room. She jumped back and felt the cold cement wall against her back. He reached for her, and grabbed her by her hair. She saw the blade and felt as the cold steel entered her stomach. Multiple times he stabbed her; Jane counted ten.

He whispered in her ear.

Unknown: I hope you like surprises Jane.

Jane felt a pull in her stomach like being yanked by a rope. In the darkness she flew and could hear people talking; she recognized Helen and John’s voice. She opened her eyes and saw herself surrounded by paramedics.

She pushed the flashlights away from her face.

Paramedic 1: Whoa, take it easy.

Jane: I’m fine, I’m fine.

Helen: Honey, you scared me.

Jane: I saw- I-I can’t explain it.

Jane explained what she saw, and what attacked her. She could tell it was a lot for John and Helen to take in. She saw the paramedics, CSU collecting what they could get from the crime scene.

Jane: How’s Jennifer?

Sheriff John: They’re taking her—what is that?

Jane followed his eyes and looked down at her shirt—blood. She slowly lifted her shirt and saw ten gashes dripping with blood. She met eyes with Helen and felt dizzy and fainted.

Jane found herself in the dark. She felt around for something to grab, but there was nothing near her. She yelled out and waited nervously for a response. She called out for David, Helen, and John. Suddenly, she saw in the distance a fire and the house she grew up in before she wound up in a foster care. She remembered that day; the day she lost her parents, and her older brother. She and her twin lived, because they were outside playing. She remembered how quickly the fire took over. She heard screams; the screams and agonizing yells of her parents as they were trapped– burning. She didn’t remember everything, but she often wondered how they didn’t get out in time. A wind started to blow hard, that her hair whipped like a belt. The sounds of wings flapping and things moving in the dark. The noise  turned into snarls and growling. She turned; four of the creatures she saw when looking for Jennifer stared at her with their pale yellow eyes. They crawled around attached to a wall she couldn’t see; with their long tongues and drool dripping from their mouths. She walked backwards and looked around desperately trying to find a way out.

Jane: I need to get out of here!

She walked backwards and stumbled on bodies of dead girls. They were piled around her feet, with their eyes open staring into nothingness. Some badly mutilated, others with purple stained rings from being strangled. She covered her mouth to hold back her screams. She walked backwards trying not to trip and saw the creatures walking over the bodies. They crawled as if they were on a mountain, they clawed at the faces below them, their limbs like branches. She bumped into something, but it didn’t feel like a wall. With her arms down at her side, she felt behind her and felt something cold. In a rapid motion she felt the coldness to her neck.

Unknown voice: Gotcha!

She realized it was the killer and as quickly as she went to scream, he cut her throat. She felt the warmth of her blood and put her hands to her neck. She coughed and could feel her life escape through the gash. She fell to her knees and quickly to the ground, and all she saw were eyes looking back at her. She heard a voice as she slowly went into the darkness.

Voice: Jane…Jane…

She opened her eyes afraid of what she might see.

Jane: Jacob?



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