Into the Dark (episode 6)

She sat up. Not realizing she was in the hospital, she pulled on her I.V drip.

Jane: Jacob, what are you doing here?

She watched him as he sat by her bedside and grabbed her hand.

Jacob: I knew something was wrong.

Jane: Yea, I should’ve known.

Jacob & Jane: Twins.

She always knew when something was wrong with her brother. Throughout their whole life, she knew when he was in pain or in trouble. She had read countless articles on identical twins feeling each other’s pain, explaining their connection had begun in the womb of the mother.

Jacob: (hugging Jane) I haven’t seen you in a while. What can of trouble have you been getting yourself into?

Jane: Oh you know, the same…

Jacob: (laughs) Don’t you think you’re getting a little way over your head?

Jane: No. No, not really.

He looked at her in disbelief.

Jacob: Just don’t get yourself killed. I heard that there’s a killer out there grabbing girls.

Jane: Yea, I can’t seem to find the girls as fast, not with this perp anyways, and I’ve been seeing things. Things I’ve never seen before and I keep going—

Jacob: Going where?

Jane: I don’t know how to explain it.

Jacob: Try me.

Jane: Into the dark.

She watched as he looked away. He seemed to be thinking about what she said.

Jane: I go places, dark places… and I see creatures and dead bodies, and I keep reliving the same moment, but then I realize I’m dreaming. I think I’m going nuts.

Jacob: One never knows when it comes to psychic abilities. A psychiatrist would probably say you’re nuts, just by saying you see things.

Jane: (laughs) Yea I know. Remember that one doctor that tried to medicate me?

Jacob: How can I forget! But he changed his tune when you told him things he didn’t want no one to know—especially the public!

They started talking about their childhood, jumping from foster homes to foster homes, and memories of their parents. She watched her brother, and remembered how close they were. She started to feel sick and felt a throbbing pain coming from her arm. She looked at her I.V. bag and saw it full of blood. She looked at her arm and could see her veins—purple. She looked at Jacob and his face distorted, as if he was melting; his eyes and nose weren’t in the right place. The door to the hallway was open, there was no light, except for the generators. She could still hear her brother talking to her.

Jacob: Jane…

She pulled the I.V. out of her arm and got off the bed. Time seemed to have stopped. She walked out of the room and saw the hallway empty. She heard growls in the distance and felt that she needed to walk towards it.

Jacob: Where are you?

She wondered if he could hear her the way Helen could when she was channeling; searching for the missing girls.

Jane: Jacob, can you hear me?

Jacob: I’m here Jane. Where are you?

Jane: In the hallway.

Jacob: What do you see?

Jane: Nothing, it’s empty.

She walked down the hallway and suddenly started to see shadows on the walls; the sound of scratching as she walked further down the corridor.

Jane: There’s shadows…

Jacob: What do you hear?

She stopped and listened. She could still hear the growling and scratching as a light wind blew through her hospital gown.

Jacob: Jane?

She just stood in the middle of the hallway, trying to see what was at the end of the hall. She saw shadows, swarming like a snake pit. She felt something at her feet. She slowly looked down and saw black snakes slithering around her ankles. She stood frozen in fear and felt slime drip down her face. She heard snarls, and could feel her body cold, like death lingering in the air. She looked up and saw the mud-brown creature looking down at her, with its mouth open and tongue hanging out. She started to run towards the end of the hall, creatures clawing their way out of the walls. She could hear her heart racing–jumping. She turned the corner and watched as the lights one-by one blew out. She could hear the snarls behind her growing louder. She ran and suddenly was pulled inside a room. Jane fought back not sure what had grabbed her. She felt hands grab her wrist and she realized it was Jennifer.

Jane: Jennifer!

Jennifer: You need to stop him.

Jane: Who? Did you see him? Do you know who he is?

Jennifer: Stop him!

Jane: But who! Tell me!

Jane grabbed her by the shoulders, shaking her.

Jane: Tell me!

Suddenly she heard her brother yelling.

Jacob: Leave her alone! Stop it!

Jane could feel something pinch her arm.

She sat up quickly on her hospital bed as the nurse pushed her back down.

Nurse: Lie still.

Jane was upset and hysterical.

Jane: What did you do!!?? What did you do?!

She saw that a security guard had her brother restrained.

Jane: Let him go!

She saw her brother look at her. She knew what he was going to do, and she was ready. Jacob swung his fist at one of the security guards, and watched as security and the nurses try to restrain him again. Jane jumped off the bed and ran out into the hallway, running in the direction she saw in her dream. She thought about Jennifer and ran into her room. She almost vomited.

Jennifer laid there with her stomach open, her guts falling by the side of the bed. Blood spattered across the headboard, and her I.V. filled with blood. He cut her throat; her mouth hung open. Jane imagined Jennifer trying to breathe, as she choked on her blood. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the door—at Jane. She remembered the staring eyes from the dream.

Jane: Noooooo!

Jane fell to her knees crying hysterically. She screamed and screamed. She put her face in her hands. She could feel wind rush by her face—the nurse and doctor running into the horror. She could hear the nurse scream and hit the floor from fainting. She felt arms around her shoulders.

Jacob: Come.

Jane could hardly walk. He sat her down and tried to comfort her.

Jane: (sobbing) How does he know?! How does he always know?!

Jacob gave her a cup of water. She watched the small ripples; interrupted by her tears. She saw cops come and stare at her, some with disgust, some with fear. She sat there crying, wishing Helen was there. She saw from the corner of her eye, the large double-door to the ward open, and saw David and Sheriff John walk in. She looked at their faces and knew something was wrong. They both nodded to Jacob who stood standing by Jane.

David sat next to her and grabbed her hand.

Jane: What’s wrong?

She could see trouble in David eyes. She felt his grip tighten around her hand. She looked up at Sheriff John.

Jane: Tell me! You tell me right now John!

He handed her a photo. Jane saw the woman with her ash blonde hair and sun-kissed smile. Her hand trembled as she looked at David, then at John.

Sheriff John: Helen is missing.


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