Red Silk Murders (sneak peek episode 9)

He could feel her pulse in his hands, fluttering rapidly like a captured bird. His other hand muffled her frantic screams. She pushed against him kicking her feet. Her struggle was as if she were drowning.

Jeremiah: Stop screaming or I’ll break your neck.

It was as if he killed her, with how still she became. He felt her tears on his hand, as he lowered it and wiped it on his pants. With his arm across her chest, he dragged her to his bed. She cried; she trembled as he tied her to his bed.

Claire: Adam… Please… I won’t- –

He sat beside her, he opened the drawer to his nightstand and took out a black handle blade. It wasn’t his favorite, but it would do the job. He could hear her breath shaking; in the darkness she wept. He turned on his lamp and looked at her. Black lines marked her face; mascara like ink from a pen. Her sweat soaked hair stuck to the sides of her face. Her hands red from the rope; he could tell she was praying.

Jeremiah: Praying will not help you. You should’ve just minded your business.

He took his blade and slowly cut down her shirt.

Claire: I’m sorr—

He placed the knife at her lips.

Jeremiah: (whispering) ssssh, no talking.

She cried hysterically; he cut open her bra exposing her breasts. He watched as her chest moved– breathing with fear. He placed the tip of the blade at the center of her throat.

Claire: (sobbing) Please Adam, don’t do–

(Knock on the door)


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