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Red Silk Murders (episode 11)

Crews got into his car and looked at the alibi. Claire and Adam had lied; he felt a rush of excitement that he was getting closer to the truth. His next hunch was heading to her apartment to see if anyone saw them together.


As she raced down the stairwell, she saw the floor number “6”. She tried to decide quickly on whether she should leave through the lobby. She didn’t want anyone to see her and call the police. She opened the door to the sixth floor and ran to the other side of the hallway to take the stairwell that led to the back of the complex. She burst through the door and ran down the stairway. She thought about calling Crews and telling him that Adam was the Red Silk killer; she would as soon as she got to safety.


He made it to Claire’s apartment, he knocked on the door and listened quickly. He dialed her number again, hoping to hear her phone from the hallway—straight to voice mail again. He thought about what he was going to do next, when he heard the door next to Claire’s apartment open.

It was a teenager, at least sixteen years of age. His dark skin was smooth and made his eyes stand out. He seemed shy, and spoke in a low voice.

Boy: She ain’t there, hasn’t been home for a while.

Detective Crews: Were you home two nights ago?

Boy: (nods)

Crews approached the boy, but could tell he wanted to tell him something.

Detective Crews: What’s your name?

Boy: Darius.

Detective Crews: Do you have something you want to tell me Darius?

The boy hesitated, then nodded.

Detective Crews: Why don’t you tell me, and it can stay between us.

The boy looked to his feet and started to speak.

Darius: Well, I didn’t see anything, but I heard a whole lot. At first I heard moaning, and—

Detective Crews: Like sex?

Darius: (nods) Yea. Then I heard someone fall to the floor and that Claire girl yelling.

Detective Crews thought to himself if that was when Tom had walked in on Claire and Adam.

Darius: Then I heard someone walk out and leave…

He noticed the boy look to the floor, as if he was ashamed of something.

Detective Crews: What is it?

The boy didn’t look at him, but looked down the hall.

Darius: Afterwards…I heard her crying and yelling…

By that time, the boy had tears going down his face.

Detective Crews: Go ahead tell me, it’s alright.

Darius: She kept saying (imitating Claire), “Tom stop, please stop!” and all I heard was his grunting and asking her if she liked it, (imitating Tom), “You like this right you fucking whore?!”.

Detective Crews: Do you know what time this was?

Darius: (shook his head) Not sure maybe 3 or 4, I don’t know…

Detective Crews: It’s alright keep going. Did you hear anything else?

Darius: I didn’t hear her cry anymore, but heard his grunting. After that he left, and I knew because all I heard was her crying. I ain’t ever heard a woman cry like that (sobbing).

Detective Crews: Why didn’t you call anyone?

Darius: (shrugged his shoulders and wiping his tears) I don’t know. I just couldn’t believe that was happening and I was hearing… I don’t know. I wish I did, but when I heard that guy Tom got killed—I was glad. He deserved what he got.

Detective Crews: (shaking Darius’s hand) Thanks man, you helped a lot.

He left Claire’s apartment complex and sat in his car. He looked at Claire’s picture, her smile bright and smart, but he knew then she had motive.


Claire jumped down the last landing of stairs and ran to the back exit. She pushed open the steel bar and ran out into alley. The back of the complex lined with green sanitation dumpsters. She could see the street from where she stood, and as she went to run Jeremiah grabbed her from behind. She went to let out a scream, but his hand was over her mouth. He took the knife away from her and held it to her neck. He pressed the point into her skin and blood smeared down the blade.

Jeremiah: Oh Claire, you truly disappoint me. I actually liked you, especially after killing Tom.

Claire: (sobbing) why are you doing this??

He leaned into her ear.

Jeremiah: Because I enjoy it.

She stood against his body, his arm pressing against her chest.

Voice: Adam?

He heard the voice behind him, and turned away dragging Claire with him.

Voice: Adam? I’m Dr. Lynn Weeks. How are you feeling?

He stared at her and said nothing, but held the knife to Claire’s neck.

Dr. Lynn Weeks: Why don’t you hand me the knife? You don’t really want to do this.

Jeremiah: How did you know I was here?

Dr. Lynn Weeks: I have your file. Dr. Miller referred you to me, do you remember?

He didn’t say anything, but held Claire tighter.

Dr. Lynn Weeks: I know what’s happening to you. Why don’t we all go inside and talk about it?

He slowly led the knife away from Claire’s neck and pushed her towards the Doctor. She grabbed and hugged Claire as she cried on her shoulder. She stared at him, and patted her on the back. The doctor turned Claire around and looked at Jeremiah.

Dr. Lynn Weeks: Oh, how I missed you baby (slitting Claire’s throat)


Red Silk Murders (episode 10)

Detective Crews looked at his name tag “JEFF”. He watched him as he stared at the picture of Claire.

Jeff: Yea I’ve seen her. Pretty red-head too she gotta be careful with that—

Detective Crews: Have you seen her tonight?

Jeff: Na man, I haven’t.

Detective Crews felt frustrated and took the phone away from him. He opened his coat pocket and pulled out a card and handed it to Jeff.

Detective Crews: If you see her call me immediately.

Jeff: Sure thing Boss.


Jeremiah stared at Claire and pulled out the scarf from her mouth. He could see the terror in her green eyes. She squirmed in his bed pulling at her wrists.

Claire: Please Adam! I beg you, please!

He sat and stared at her.

Jeremiah: You know, you sort of remind me of my mother.

He gently guided the knife down her chest. She stopped breathing as he made his way to her belly button. She stared at the blade, and tears streamed down her face.

Jeremiah: Why are you crying? You weren’t crying when I put my fingers in your pussy. Or when I was fucking you, if you ask me, it look to me like you enjoyed it.

He saw her look into his eyes, as if she was searching for something. His guess, an emotion; a feeling that he had towards her.

Claire: Adam—

He held the knife to her neck with a swift movement.

Jeremiah: I told you to shut the fuck up!

He pressed hard enough to make her bleed.

Claire: (sobbing) This isn’t you Adam! You wouldn’t hurt me. You wouldn’t hurt anyone. What’s going on Adam?! Please tell me?!

Jeremiah felt annoyed and could feel himself get a headache.

Jeremiah: (grabbing his head) Shut up, shut up!


She kept pulling down from the rope hoping to break free. Turned away from her, she looked around for anything she could use. She pulled again and broke free. She grabbed the lamp from the nightstand and as quickly as she could, she ran to him and bashed it over his head. She tried to cover her chest as he fell to the ground. She quickly ran to his side and grabbed the knife. As she turned to run, he grabbed her ankle and with fast reflex she kicked him in the face. She ran to the door and scrambled with the door chain and lock. She almost clawed at the door knob when she finally opened it and ran out. She ran down the hall towards the emergency exit and looked back. She saw him walking down the hall towards her.


Detective Philip Crews stood in traffic and wondered what he was missing from the case. He felt annoyed and stared at the traffic light; the red stoplight reminded him of the red scarves from each murders. He let out an exasperated sigh when he heard and saw rain drops on his window shield. As he parked into the precinct’s parking lot, he looked at Claire’s photo. He wondered if she did kill her ex-boyfriend, it must’ve been self-defense. He had met Tom Johnson before, after he and Claire had dated, and knew he was an asshole. He also thought about Adam, and if he and Claire were together. Did he help her do it? Did she go to him for help? He turned off the ignition, sat still, and stared at the precinct. He looked at the brick and cement and thought about the photos–  the reports. He looked to the driver seat and looked at the Red Silk Murder’s file. He went over the alibi Claire’s lawyer had given him when they arrested Adam. She had stated that they met up with each other at Black Capricorn. He had a hunch and he wanted to go check it out.


She barged into the stairwell; her heart was already pumping hard against her chest. She tried to run down the stairs without falling. She only had twenty-three floors to make it to the lobby. As she got to the nineteenth floor she heard a door slam. She ran down faster, sobbing while she jumped and skipped stairs. She didn’t bother to wait or look to see if he was following her. With as hard as her heart was beating, she probably couldn’t hear anything at all.


Crews parked in front of the Black Capricorn. He stood sitting for a moment looking over the alibi. He saw people going in and out, laughing, smoking, some walking in hand in hand. He got out of his car and closed his leather jacket. He opened the door and heard some pop music playing from the speakers. He walked up to the bar, and looked at the mirror and could see the sign BLACK CAPRICORN. He leaned on the bar, and watched as a thirty year old man approached him. He didn’t look he fitted the bar scene.

Bartender: What can I get ya?

He pulled out two photos

Detective Crews: Two nights ago, did you see these two people here?

The bartender stared at the photos.

Bartender: (pointing to Claire) Yea, she was here, I remember because of her red hair and the dress she was wearing. This guy I don’t know, he looks like the guy I saw, but the guy wasn’t wearing glasses.

Detective Crews: Did they come together?

He watched the bartender in thought while he cleaned the bar with a white terry cloth.

Bartender: I’m not sure. She looked pretty shocked to see him. She reacted as if she didn’t suspect it to be him.

Detective Crews had a good feeling and was glad he decided to pursue his hunch. He slapped the bar.

Detective Crews: Thank you! (Leaves a $20 bill on the bar)

I Can’t Save You

I cannot save you…

As these words
escape my lips
I say
what I feel
at the moment–
I pour
what ever
I have
from my heart
like a jar
but not quite
as fragile.

I cannot save you…

Don’t worry
escapes from your lips
You say
What you feel
At the moment–
It pours
Whatever thoughts
You have
From your mind
Like an avalanche
Of broken glass
But not quite
As dull.

I believe

I can save you…

But not
If you throw
The life
I have tossed

I will watch
From afar,
And see
You swim
Because alone
You prefer to be.

But know
As I watch,
My heart
Will sink
Before you
Get a chance
To see.

Elizarose Nicolas

Real Neat Blog Award (Q&A)


I was nominated this week for the “Real Neat Blog Award” which is pretty cool, especially being a newbie to the blog world. Funny enough, Saturday I was telling my sister that even though I do have followers, I don’t think anyone reads my stuff… But this shut me up haha

Even though this seems like a chain letter, it’s a good one. It helps others feel recognized and gives others the opportunity to get their moment in the sun. It seems you have to answer questions that the person who nominated you asked, then after you answer, you give thanks, and list ten fellow bloggers. The questions can be the same to the ones I will answer or you can make up your own…. Be sure to let them know you have nominated them and to copy the award image into your post!

So here goes from the blog that nominated me:

1. What’s your favorite movie?

Presently, the movie that impressed me was “God Is Not Dead”. My favorite movie in horror would be “The Conjuring”, and for Action/horror/thriller “World War Z”. Actually, let’s be honest, I don’t have favorites. I get fixated by phases and what movie impresses me at the moment. So really this question would result in a long list…haha.

What made you start blogging?

I started blogging to get my work out into the world. Ever since I published my first book, I just wanted to keep writing and showing my readers my creativity. Most importantly, I enjoy it. It is my passion. However, I do hope blogging could give me a chance to make it as a writer and author.

Do you prefer reading fiction or non fiction?

I prefer to read fiction. I enjoy creativity and anything that requires using the imagination.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

I would say during the week, I am a night person and on the weekends an ALL day person, because I want to enjoy the weekend to the fullest (this requires loss of sleep).

What musical instrument would you love to master?

I would love to master the piano and the violin. I know the question asks one, but I’m ambitious. 🙂

What’s your favorite color?

Again, I have no favorites. I decide my “in the moment” color by mood or phase. However, presently my “favorite” color is Cobalt Blue.

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory would be me talking to my sister at night when our parents would send us to bed. I remember her having these tapes that her third grade teacher gave that had folk songs from around the world. At night we would sing our favorites (a child at heart was I). My favorite song to sing to her was Kookaburra; a song from Australia.

Now for the fellow bloggers I nominate:











My questions are:

1. What inspires your creativity?

2. What is the funniest memory you have?

3. What made you start blogging?

4. What are your favorite books, poems, or authors?

5. What do you hope to inspire in other people who view your blog?

6. What is the strangest dish you have ever tried?

7. Where have you traveled?

Thank you again to for nominating me

and for those I nominated you can answer if you like, I would love to read it! 🙂

Red Silk Murders (episode 9–complete)

He could feel her pulse in his hands, fluttering rapidly like a captured bird. His other hand muffled her frantic screams. She pushed against him kicking her feet, struggling as if she were drowning.

Jeremiah: Stop screaming or I’ll break your neck.

It was as if he killed her, with how still she became. He felt her tears on his hand, as he lowered it and wiped it on his pants. With his arm across her chest, he dragged her to his bed. She cried and trembled as he tied her to his bed.

Claire: Adam… Please… I won’t- –

He sat beside her, he opened the drawer to his nightstand and took out a black handle blade. It wasn’t his favorite, but it would do the job. He could hear her breath shaking; in the darkness she wept. He turned on his lamp and looked at her. Black lines marked her face; mascara like ink from a pen. Her sweat soaked hair– stuck to the sides of her face. Her hands red from the rope; he could tell she was praying.

Jeremiah: Praying won’t help. You should’ve just minded your business.

He took his blade and slowly cut down her shirt.

Claire: I’m sorr—

He placed the knife at her lips.

Jeremiah: (whispering) ssssh, no talking.

She cried hysterically while he cut open her bra exposing her breasts. He watched as her chest moved– breathing with fear. He placed the tip of the blade at the center of her throat.

Claire: (sobbing) Please Adam, don’t do th–

(Knock on the door)

Jeremiah looked at the door and heard another knock. He looked at Claire, and from his pocket removed a red silk scarf and shoved it in her mouth. He placed a finger to his lips.

Jeremiah: ssh.

He slowly walked to the door and heard the knocking–impatiently. He almost reached the door when he heard Detective Crews.

Crews: I know you’re in there Adam!

Jeremiah held  the knife and looked at the door. He paused and placed it in his back pocket. He looked through the peephole to see if he was alone. He saw Detective Crews, who looked frustrated, but was standing alone. So he knew that he wasn’t there to arrest him—again. He knew he needed to portray Adam, so he put on his glasses and opened the door.

Jeremiah: How can I help you Detective?

Detective Crews: Where’s Claire?

Jeremiah: I don’t know, I don’t live with her.

Detective Crews: Are you hiding her?

Jeremiah: Why would I do that, she hasn’t done anything.

Detective Crews: I didn’t say that. What would make you say that?

Jeremiah: Because it seems that’s what you’re implying.

Jeremiah watched Crews and placed his right hand slowly behind his back pocket. He was ready to kill him if he tried to enter his apartment. He watched Crews step to the side, trying to get a better view of the inside, but Jeremiah didn’t move from where he was standing. Detective Crews took out his phone.

Detective Crews: I’ve been calling her, but she doesn’t pick up, as if she’s avoiding me. You don’t seemed worried about her, why—

Jeremiah: I would avoid you too, the woman has been through enough.

He saw Detective Crews look at his phone, looking up and down, searching for something. He pressed and held it to his ear.

Detective Crews: I’m going to try her number again.

Jeremiah grabbed the knife preparing to cut Crew’s throat, if he heard Claire’s ringtone come from inside his apartment.

They both stood at the doorway. Jeremiah stared at the detective as he heard Claire’s number ring from Crew’s phone. It rang twice then to voice mail. Jeremiah loosened his grip off the knife, releasing tension from his arm.

Jeremiah: Is there anything else Detective?

Detective Crews: No.

He could tell he felt defeated, but knew he had no choice, then to walk away. Jeremiah watched him walk towards the elevator, and closed the door as Crews entered it. He turned to Claire and took out the knife and with a smile he said:

Jeremiah: Now where were we?


Detective Crews looked at himself in the mirror. He could see that the case was wearing him down. He wasn’t convinced about Adam not knowing where Claire was, but without a search warrant he had no choice, then to leave. He felt aggravated and went over the case in his head. Although he didn’t like Adam and would enjoy pinning Tom Johnson’s murder on him, the evidence showed that it couldn’t be him. He thought about Claire, her height, and her motive. He wondered if it could’ve been Adam and Claire. Finally the door to the elevator opened and he walked out trying to plan his next move. He saw the security guard at the front desk, and on a hunch stopped in front of it.

Detective Crews: Hey my man, you think you can do me a favor?

Security Guard: Yea sure, what is it?

He opened his phone and searched for a picture of Claire. He had one from when they went on a date two years ago. He expanded the picture and showed the security guard her photo.

Detective Crews: Have you seen this woman come through here?

Grateful to all of you.

I wanted to dedicate a post to all you followers of mine, on twitter, WordPress, Blogger, and Facebook. I am immensely grateful that you all follow my work. That you find my work good enough to look at. I hope to always give you guys the best of my writing and creativity. I hope to one day make it to bestseller and that all of you get to witness my journey from starting at Blogger and WordPress to making a name for myself. Thank you all so much for the followers I get each day, because no matter how much talent one has, we only shine because of our audience.
Elizarose Nicolas

Elizarose Nicolas

Violet Stone & the Fire God’s Tomb (Chapter One)

Only thirty minutes until I landed in Mexico City. I sat by the window staring down at the clouds, catching glimpses of the green and gray mountains of Central America. No camera could ever do the view justice.

I sat there with files on my lap; a recent discovery of a tomb inside a famous mountain outside the city of Oaxaca. I always had a taste for adventure and the mysteries of history.

I left as soon as they called me; travel bag always ready. Took the first flight out of JFK to Mexico. I looked at the pictures they had sent me; ancient markings and parts of the expedition. Dr. Peter Brown the archaeologist had told me someone will be at the airport to pick me up.

As the plane settled into the port, I collected my things; excited to get to my destination. I was the last person to get off the plane, no sense in rushing to Mexican immigration…I looked for the famous white card with my name on it. Groups of family and friends waiting for their loved ones, from all across the country and local. I looked around…and there he was holding a white board “VIOLET STONE”. What a fine piece of ass he was. I smiled as I extended my hand and watched his full lips:

“Ms. Violet Stone?”

“That’s me.” I said to the handsome man who seemed to be in his thirties. His brown skin like peanut butter on a slice of bread to my mouth. “And you are?” He smiled a white Colgate grin and with a sexy accent said.

“Mateo Pena. Welcome to Mexico City.” He grabbed my luggage. “I will be taking you to Hierve El Agua, where we will meet with Dr. Brown.”

Although I found him attractive, I was excited and focused on seeing the Tomb for myself. I knew that I would have enough time giving him sex with my eyes for the next six and a half hours to the site.

Such a gentleman he was as he grabbed my luggage and placed it in the back of his red Ford pickup truck. I was glad the driver and passenger seat were so close together, easy to put a hand on a thigh, reach. I could tell he was quiet and could sense his discomfort; probably because I was staring at him like a wolf to a sheep. I was pretty sure he had never felt a sexual energy as strong as mine. I believed he couldn’t take it anymore and spoke to disrupt my stare.

“You have a very interesting name.” He took a quick glance at me, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“Yes, indeed I do.” I said smiling. “I love the sound of it—sounds adventurous, oh and sexy too, wouldn’t you agree?” I chuckled as I felt his discomfort grow. Unfortunately, that was the end of our conversation, and I took the opportunity to sleep.

I felt my head plastered against the window as Mateo gently shook my shoulder. I looked and saw his eyes, the color of Brazilian White Forest honey. He stared at me, with an intensity only a few could see if they paid attention. “We’ve arrived.” I sat up, my neck aching from being angled awkwardly. I could see that we were parked on the road. “We will have to walk from here.” He said. “I hope you bought good boots.”

I smiled, “Of course.”

I stepped out of the truck and felt a breath of air across my face, like a caress of love my face felt warm. Green and full of life was the pasture that was ahead of me. The path of golden rock led into a forest of tall trees. From afar, I could see a mountain that looked like it was frozen in place. The mountain with its frozen waterfall stood high above the trees.

“That is where the Tomb is.” Mateo said, placing his backpack through his arms. I could feel the excitement through my body, I sure as hell didn’t feel tired anymore. After an hour walk, we finally made it to the site. There to greet us immediately was a small Oaxaqueno child with hair as dark as Mole negro. Mateo spoke to him in Spanish, and the child grabbed my hand pulling me along. He called out to a man who stood standing with his back towards us. His safari hat was quite ridiculous as he stood talking Spanish to a group of men with shovels. He turned around and looked at me with a familiarity and opened his arms for an embrace.

“Misses Violet Stone!” I knew him for many years, saw his lectures at NYU and Colombia University. He knew my parents and always tried to give me his archaeological advice.

“Mr. Peter Brown, or should I say Dr?”

“Oh, nonsense! Come here child!” He hugged me and I had almost forgot what a hug felt like. He extended his arm towards Mateo, “I see you met Dr. Pena.” He placed his arm around Mateo and hugged him, “Best archaeologist of Oaxaca.” I stood impressed, since he didn’t mention he was also an archaeologist, but it only made him even sexier. He smiled humbly and nodded his head. “Come. Let me show you what we’ve found.”

Looking up from the bottom of the frozen waterfall mountain, I realized just how big it was. I could hear the hammering and the shouts of the group of men Dr. Brown hired. We made our way through the entrance as Mateo handed me a flashlight.

“We seem to be having problems with the light fixtures.” Dr. Brown said. “I want to show you why I’ve asked you to come.” We headed inside and I saw the men staring at me.

“How did this happen?” I said. He spoke as we walked into the entrance.

“There was a group of mountain climbers who came to see this mountain. They said that they were here preparing to climb when there was an earthquake. This side of the mountain caved in revealing this what seems to be a tomb.”

“So. Why am I here if you have a local archaeologist to help you?” I said looking at Mateo. He looked at me and handed me a picture.

“Because we found this.”

The object was something I have never quite seen before even with being a collector of mysterious and unusual objects. Shaped like a river stone, larger than the size of my hand, and etched with gold markings, the markings encircled the edge like a compass or a clock.

“What is that?” I said staring at the picture.

“We do not know. I am an archaeologist of Mexican culture, and with all my years of study, have never came across an object such as this.”

“I figured you would probably be the best person to help us find out what this object is.” Dr. Brown said. I stared at the picture, it ignited in me a thirsty curiosity.

“Show me this object.” and with that said, the fixtures came on…