Into the Dark (episode 8)

Jane stared into the dark cargo container waiting to see Helen run out. She looked at the phone and remembered the fear in Helen’s voice. John held a flashlight as both police officers walked inside the container. She watched the beam of light shine upon a leg and she almost vomited. Jane knew she was dead, but her heart had a hard time adjusting to the news. CSU walked with their forensic tools and a flashlight headband; the container now a crime scene. She couldn’t hold her tears anymore and cried as she stared at the scene that played before her eyes.

Sheriff John: I think you should go home and relax.

Jane: How do you expect me to relax! He’s still out there and we’re here losing pe–.

Sheriff John: (stern voice) Go home.

Jane walked away and got into the car with her brother. As he drove she thought about the victims and the killer. He didn’t have a M.O. at least not that she could tell, except that the victims were always near a body of water or in it… She thought about how she was going to break the news to Jasmin.

Jacob: I think you should let the cops do that.

Jane: (puzzled) What?

Jacob: Tell the daughter; let them tell the daugh—

Jane: No. I need to do this. I need to speak for Helen. I can’t just disappear especially when she needs me. Her mother needed me and…

Jacob: It wasn’t your fault, she knew what following you would entitle.

Jane: (disbelief) What?

Jacob: These things you do, don’t come without any consequence. She must have known that it was a possibility that someone would come after her, helping you.

Jane felt angry.

Jane: Thanks Jake thanks a lot for your support.

Jacob: Janey, I’m just being honest. Every job comes with consequences call it an “occupational hazard”.

Jane: Just shut up Jake.

She looked out the window; at the passing scene. She hated her brother sometimes, she felt that he had no empathy and could never place himself in other people’s shoes. She felt her heart drop as they approached Helen’s house.

Jacob stopped the car, and she stared at the grayish house with the dark-brown roof top. The shrubs that stood below the front windows filled with flowers. She remembered how much Helen took care of them. She could see Jasmin pacing back and forth in her living room. Her brown hair flickering every time she turned. She knew Jasmin was worried about her mother. As Jacob stopped in front of her house, she watched as Jasmin noticed them and ran to the door. Jane stepped outside the car, and could feel her heavy heart in her feet, like anchors, her ankles tore her down. She saw Jasmin standing in the doorway, with the porch light shining on her face. As Jane approached her, Jasmin shook her head and fell to her knees. Jane ran quickly to her side and hugged her.

Jane: I’m sorry. I didn’t get there in time.

As she hugged her, she looked up and saw Helen. She didn’t react, but welcomed the sight. She looked at her and smiled. She took Jasmin’s face between her hands.

Jane: Your mom wanted you to know that she was proud of you, and that she was sorry that she wasn’t there for you as much.

Jasmin: No…my mom was always there for me, in the things that counted.

Jane let her cry on her shoulder and helped her inside her house, as her brother stood outside waiting in the car.


After giving her the message from Helen, she knew it was time to head home. She had remembered that she needed to update David. She walked to the front door accompanied by Jasmin. Jane stood in the archway and turned.

Jane: Be careful Jasmin. Call me if you need anything.

Jasmin: I will thank you. I will let you know when I set the funeral date.

Jane just nodded and closed the door behind her. The air felt chilled, but moist that kissed her cheeks. She hugged herself as she approached the car. She looked at the time and realized that it was late, and figured that David was probably worried about her.

As Jacob drove her to the house, she felt tired and drained. The night sky had a relaxing effect on her. She laid her head back and watched the stars zoom by from her seat. As she dozed off, she heard a sound, but ignored it as she sat thinking about Helen. She saw her home at the end of the road and looked at it from a distance. The lights were on and she knew David was up waiting for her—Jacob stopped the car.

Jacob: Gimme your keys! I have gots to pee!

She chuckled as she gave him the keys. She was glad he left first, as she took a moment to sit and think. She took out her blade and looked at it in her hand. She wasn’t sure on whether to have David cut her or not. She knew that Helen didn’t want that, but she knew that she had failed Helen. She looked up at her home and saw a shadow against the living room light and knew that David and her brother were probably talking; knowing her brother he probably already had told David about Helen.

She got out of the car and walked to her front door. She took a deep breath before walking in. She took off her sweater and hanged it up on the hook.

Jane: David!

As she always called out to him and heard a sound coming from the living room. She walked toward it and saw David gagged and tied up to a chair; her brother knocked down to the floor bleeding. She didn’t have time to react when someone hit her against her head.

(Jane hitting the floor)


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