Violet Stone & the Fire God’s Tomb (Chapter One)

Only thirty minutes until I landed in Mexico City. I sat by the window staring down at the clouds, catching glimpses of the green and gray mountains of Central America. No camera could ever do the view justice.

I sat there with files on my lap; a recent discovery of a tomb inside a famous mountain outside the city of Oaxaca. I always had a taste for adventure and the mysteries of history.

I left as soon as they called me; travel bag always ready. Took the first flight out of JFK to Mexico. I looked at the pictures they had sent me; ancient markings and parts of the expedition. Dr. Peter Brown the archaeologist had told me someone will be at the airport to pick me up.

As the plane settled into the port, I collected my things; excited to get to my destination. I was the last person to get off the plane, no sense in rushing to Mexican immigration…I looked for the famous white card with my name on it. Groups of family and friends waiting for their loved ones, from all across the country and local. I looked around…and there he was holding a white board “VIOLET STONE”. What a fine piece of ass he was. I smiled as I extended my hand and watched his full lips:

“Ms. Violet Stone?”

“That’s me.” I said to the handsome man who seemed to be in his thirties. His brown skin like peanut butter on a slice of bread to my mouth. “And you are?” He smiled a white Colgate grin and with a sexy accent said.

“Mateo Pena. Welcome to Mexico City.” He grabbed my luggage. “I will be taking you to Hierve El Agua, where we will meet with Dr. Brown.”

Although I found him attractive, I was excited and focused on seeing the Tomb for myself. I knew that I would have enough time giving him sex with my eyes for the next six and a half hours to the site.

Such a gentleman he was as he grabbed my luggage and placed it in the back of his red Ford pickup truck. I was glad the driver and passenger seat were so close together, easy to put a hand on a thigh, reach. I could tell he was quiet and could sense his discomfort; probably because I was staring at him like a wolf to a sheep. I was pretty sure he had never felt a sexual energy as strong as mine. I believed he couldn’t take it anymore and spoke to disrupt my stare.

“You have a very interesting name.” He took a quick glance at me, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.

“Yes, indeed I do.” I said smiling. “I love the sound of it—sounds adventurous, oh and sexy too, wouldn’t you agree?” I chuckled as I felt his discomfort grow. Unfortunately, that was the end of our conversation, and I took the opportunity to sleep.

I felt my head plastered against the window as Mateo gently shook my shoulder. I looked and saw his eyes, the color of Brazilian White Forest honey. He stared at me, with an intensity only a few could see if they paid attention. “We’ve arrived.” I sat up, my neck aching from being angled awkwardly. I could see that we were parked on the road. “We will have to walk from here.” He said. “I hope you bought good boots.”

I smiled, “Of course.”

I stepped out of the truck and felt a breath of air across my face, like a caress of love my face felt warm. Green and full of life was the pasture that was ahead of me. The path of golden rock led into a forest of tall trees. From afar, I could see a mountain that looked like it was frozen in place. The mountain with its frozen waterfall stood high above the trees.

“That is where the Tomb is.” Mateo said, placing his backpack through his arms. I could feel the excitement through my body, I sure as hell didn’t feel tired anymore. After an hour walk, we finally made it to the site. There to greet us immediately was a small Oaxaqueno child with hair as dark as Mole negro. Mateo spoke to him in Spanish, and the child grabbed my hand pulling me along. He called out to a man who stood standing with his back towards us. His safari hat was quite ridiculous as he stood talking Spanish to a group of men with shovels. He turned around and looked at me with a familiarity and opened his arms for an embrace.

“Misses Violet Stone!” I knew him for many years, saw his lectures at NYU and Colombia University. He knew my parents and always tried to give me his archaeological advice.

“Mr. Peter Brown, or should I say Dr?”

“Oh, nonsense! Come here child!” He hugged me and I had almost forgot what a hug felt like. He extended his arm towards Mateo, “I see you met Dr. Pena.” He placed his arm around Mateo and hugged him, “Best archaeologist of Oaxaca.” I stood impressed, since he didn’t mention he was also an archaeologist, but it only made him even sexier. He smiled humbly and nodded his head. “Come. Let me show you what we’ve found.”

Looking up from the bottom of the frozen waterfall mountain, I realized just how big it was. I could hear the hammering and the shouts of the group of men Dr. Brown hired. We made our way through the entrance as Mateo handed me a flashlight.

“We seem to be having problems with the light fixtures.” Dr. Brown said. “I want to show you why I’ve asked you to come.” We headed inside and I saw the men staring at me.

“How did this happen?” I said. He spoke as we walked into the entrance.

“There was a group of mountain climbers who came to see this mountain. They said that they were here preparing to climb when there was an earthquake. This side of the mountain caved in revealing this what seems to be a tomb.”

“So. Why am I here if you have a local archaeologist to help you?” I said looking at Mateo. He looked at me and handed me a picture.

“Because we found this.”

The object was something I have never quite seen before even with being a collector of mysterious and unusual objects. Shaped like a river stone, larger than the size of my hand, and etched with gold markings, the markings encircled the edge like a compass or a clock.

“What is that?” I said staring at the picture.

“We do not know. I am an archaeologist of Mexican culture, and with all my years of study, have never came across an object such as this.”

“I figured you would probably be the best person to help us find out what this object is.” Dr. Brown said. I stared at the picture, it ignited in me a thirsty curiosity.

“Show me this object.” and with that said, the fixtures came on…


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