Real Neat Blog Award (Q&A)


I was nominated this week for the “Real Neat Blog Award” which is pretty cool, especially being a newbie to the blog world. Funny enough, Saturday I was telling my sister that even though I do have followers, I don’t think anyone reads my stuff… But this shut me up haha

Even though this seems like a chain letter, it’s a good one. It helps others feel recognized and gives others the opportunity to get their moment in the sun. It seems you have to answer questions that the person who nominated you asked, then after you answer, you give thanks, and list ten fellow bloggers. The questions can be the same to the ones I will answer or you can make up your own…. Be sure to let them know you have nominated them and to copy the award image into your post!

So here goes from the blog that nominated me:

1. What’s your favorite movie?

Presently, the movie that impressed me was “God Is Not Dead”. My favorite movie in horror would be “The Conjuring”, and for Action/horror/thriller “World War Z”. Actually, let’s be honest, I don’t have favorites. I get fixated by phases and what movie impresses me at the moment. So really this question would result in a long list…haha.

What made you start blogging?

I started blogging to get my work out into the world. Ever since I published my first book, I just wanted to keep writing and showing my readers my creativity. Most importantly, I enjoy it. It is my passion. However, I do hope blogging could give me a chance to make it as a writer and author.

Do you prefer reading fiction or non fiction?

I prefer to read fiction. I enjoy creativity and anything that requires using the imagination.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

I would say during the week, I am a night person and on the weekends an ALL day person, because I want to enjoy the weekend to the fullest (this requires loss of sleep).

What musical instrument would you love to master?

I would love to master the piano and the violin. I know the question asks one, but I’m ambitious. 🙂

What’s your favorite color?

Again, I have no favorites. I decide my “in the moment” color by mood or phase. However, presently my “favorite” color is Cobalt Blue.

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory would be me talking to my sister at night when our parents would send us to bed. I remember her having these tapes that her third grade teacher gave that had folk songs from around the world. At night we would sing our favorites (a child at heart was I). My favorite song to sing to her was Kookaburra; a song from Australia.

Now for the fellow bloggers I nominate:











My questions are:

1. What inspires your creativity?

2. What is the funniest memory you have?

3. What made you start blogging?

4. What are your favorite books, poems, or authors?

5. What do you hope to inspire in other people who view your blog?

6. What is the strangest dish you have ever tried?

7. Where have you traveled?

Thank you again to for nominating me

and for those I nominated you can answer if you like, I would love to read it! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award (Q&A)

  1. Awesome! 🙂

    I watched The Conjuring the other night actually – BAD, BAD, decision. I don’t even know why I watched it, it freaked me out for hours! I hate horrors!

    Liked by 1 person

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