Red Silk Murders (episode 9–complete)

He could feel her pulse in his hands, fluttering rapidly like a captured bird. His other hand muffled her frantic screams. She pushed against him kicking her feet, struggling as if she were drowning.

Jeremiah: Stop screaming or I’ll break your neck.

It was as if he killed her, with how still she became. He felt her tears on his hand, as he lowered it and wiped it on his pants. With his arm across her chest, he dragged her to his bed. She cried and trembled as he tied her to his bed.

Claire: Adam… Please… I won’t- –

He sat beside her, he opened the drawer to his nightstand and took out a black handle blade. It wasn’t his favorite, but it would do the job. He could hear her breath shaking; in the darkness she wept. He turned on his lamp and looked at her. Black lines marked her face; mascara like ink from a pen. Her sweat soaked hair– stuck to the sides of her face. Her hands red from the rope; he could tell she was praying.

Jeremiah: Praying won’t help. You should’ve just minded your business.

He took his blade and slowly cut down her shirt.

Claire: I’m sorr—

He placed the knife at her lips.

Jeremiah: (whispering) ssssh, no talking.

She cried hysterically while he cut open her bra exposing her breasts. He watched as her chest moved– breathing with fear. He placed the tip of the blade at the center of her throat.

Claire: (sobbing) Please Adam, don’t do th–

(Knock on the door)

Jeremiah looked at the door and heard another knock. He looked at Claire, and from his pocket removed a red silk scarf and shoved it in her mouth. He placed a finger to his lips.

Jeremiah: ssh.

He slowly walked to the door and heard the knocking–impatiently. He almost reached the door when he heard Detective Crews.

Crews: I know you’re in there Adam!

Jeremiah held  the knife and looked at the door. He paused and placed it in his back pocket. He looked through the peephole to see if he was alone. He saw Detective Crews, who looked frustrated, but was standing alone. So he knew that he wasn’t there to arrest him—again. He knew he needed to portray Adam, so he put on his glasses and opened the door.

Jeremiah: How can I help you Detective?

Detective Crews: Where’s Claire?

Jeremiah: I don’t know, I don’t live with her.

Detective Crews: Are you hiding her?

Jeremiah: Why would I do that, she hasn’t done anything.

Detective Crews: I didn’t say that. What would make you say that?

Jeremiah: Because it seems that’s what you’re implying.

Jeremiah watched Crews and placed his right hand slowly behind his back pocket. He was ready to kill him if he tried to enter his apartment. He watched Crews step to the side, trying to get a better view of the inside, but Jeremiah didn’t move from where he was standing. Detective Crews took out his phone.

Detective Crews: I’ve been calling her, but she doesn’t pick up, as if she’s avoiding me. You don’t seemed worried about her, why—

Jeremiah: I would avoid you too, the woman has been through enough.

He saw Detective Crews look at his phone, looking up and down, searching for something. He pressed and held it to his ear.

Detective Crews: I’m going to try her number again.

Jeremiah grabbed the knife preparing to cut Crew’s throat, if he heard Claire’s ringtone come from inside his apartment.

They both stood at the doorway. Jeremiah stared at the detective as he heard Claire’s number ring from Crew’s phone. It rang twice then to voice mail. Jeremiah loosened his grip off the knife, releasing tension from his arm.

Jeremiah: Is there anything else Detective?

Detective Crews: No.

He could tell he felt defeated, but knew he had no choice, then to walk away. Jeremiah watched him walk towards the elevator, and closed the door as Crews entered it. He turned to Claire and took out the knife and with a smile he said:

Jeremiah: Now where were we?


Detective Crews looked at himself in the mirror. He could see that the case was wearing him down. He wasn’t convinced about Adam not knowing where Claire was, but without a search warrant he had no choice, then to leave. He felt aggravated and went over the case in his head. Although he didn’t like Adam and would enjoy pinning Tom Johnson’s murder on him, the evidence showed that it couldn’t be him. He thought about Claire, her height, and her motive. He wondered if it could’ve been Adam and Claire. Finally the door to the elevator opened and he walked out trying to plan his next move. He saw the security guard at the front desk, and on a hunch stopped in front of it.

Detective Crews: Hey my man, you think you can do me a favor?

Security Guard: Yea sure, what is it?

He opened his phone and searched for a picture of Claire. He had one from when they went on a date two years ago. He expanded the picture and showed the security guard her photo.

Detective Crews: Have you seen this woman come through here?


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