Red Silk Murders (episode 10)

Detective Crews looked at his name tag “JEFF”. He watched him as he stared at the picture of Claire.

Jeff: Yea I’ve seen her. Pretty red-head too she gotta be careful with that—

Detective Crews: Have you seen her tonight?

Jeff: Na man, I haven’t.

Detective Crews felt frustrated and took the phone away from him. He opened his coat pocket and pulled out a card and handed it to Jeff.

Detective Crews: If you see her call me immediately.

Jeff: Sure thing Boss.


Jeremiah stared at Claire and pulled out the scarf from her mouth. He could see the terror in her green eyes. She squirmed in his bed pulling at her wrists.

Claire: Please Adam! I beg you, please!

He sat and stared at her.

Jeremiah: You know, you sort of remind me of my mother.

He gently guided the knife down her chest. She stopped breathing as he made his way to her belly button. She stared at the blade, and tears streamed down her face.

Jeremiah: Why are you crying? You weren’t crying when I put my fingers in your pussy. Or when I was fucking you, if you ask me, it look to me like you enjoyed it.

He saw her look into his eyes, as if she was searching for something. His guess, an emotion; a feeling that he had towards her.

Claire: Adam—

He held the knife to her neck with a swift movement.

Jeremiah: I told you to shut the fuck up!

He pressed hard enough to make her bleed.

Claire: (sobbing) This isn’t you Adam! You wouldn’t hurt me. You wouldn’t hurt anyone. What’s going on Adam?! Please tell me?!

Jeremiah felt annoyed and could feel himself get a headache.

Jeremiah: (grabbing his head) Shut up, shut up!


She kept pulling down from the rope hoping to break free. Turned away from her, she looked around for anything she could use. She pulled again and broke free. She grabbed the lamp from the nightstand and as quickly as she could, she ran to him and bashed it over his head. She tried to cover her chest as he fell to the ground. She quickly ran to his side and grabbed the knife. As she turned to run, he grabbed her ankle and with fast reflex she kicked him in the face. She ran to the door and scrambled with the door chain and lock. She almost clawed at the door knob when she finally opened it and ran out. She ran down the hall towards the emergency exit and looked back. She saw him walking down the hall towards her.


Detective Philip Crews stood in traffic and wondered what he was missing from the case. He felt annoyed and stared at the traffic light; the red stoplight reminded him of the red scarves from each murders. He let out an exasperated sigh when he heard and saw rain drops on his window shield. As he parked into the precinct’s parking lot, he looked at Claire’s photo. He wondered if she did kill her ex-boyfriend, it must’ve been self-defense. He had met Tom Johnson before, after he and Claire had dated, and knew he was an asshole. He also thought about Adam, and if he and Claire were together. Did he help her do it? Did she go to him for help? He turned off the ignition, sat still, and stared at the precinct. He looked at the brick and cement and thought about the photos–  the reports. He looked to the driver seat and looked at the Red Silk Murder’s file. He went over the alibi Claire’s lawyer had given him when they arrested Adam. She had stated that they met up with each other at Black Capricorn. He had a hunch and he wanted to go check it out.


She barged into the stairwell; her heart was already pumping hard against her chest. She tried to run down the stairs without falling. She only had twenty-three floors to make it to the lobby. As she got to the nineteenth floor she heard a door slam. She ran down faster, sobbing while she jumped and skipped stairs. She didn’t bother to wait or look to see if he was following her. With as hard as her heart was beating, she probably couldn’t hear anything at all.


Crews parked in front of the Black Capricorn. He stood sitting for a moment looking over the alibi. He saw people going in and out, laughing, smoking, some walking in hand in hand. He got out of his car and closed his leather jacket. He opened the door and heard some pop music playing from the speakers. He walked up to the bar, and looked at the mirror and could see the sign BLACK CAPRICORN. He leaned on the bar, and watched as a thirty year old man approached him. He didn’t look he fitted the bar scene.

Bartender: What can I get ya?

He pulled out two photos

Detective Crews: Two nights ago, did you see these two people here?

The bartender stared at the photos.

Bartender: (pointing to Claire) Yea, she was here, I remember because of her red hair and the dress she was wearing. This guy I don’t know, he looks like the guy I saw, but the guy wasn’t wearing glasses.

Detective Crews: Did they come together?

He watched the bartender in thought while he cleaned the bar with a white terry cloth.

Bartender: I’m not sure. She looked pretty shocked to see him. She reacted as if she didn’t suspect it to be him.

Detective Crews had a good feeling and was glad he decided to pursue his hunch. He slapped the bar.

Detective Crews: Thank you! (Leaves a $20 bill on the bar)


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