Red Silk Murders (episode 11)

Crews got into his car and looked at the alibi. Claire and Adam had lied; he felt a rush of excitement that he was getting closer to the truth. His next hunch was heading to her apartment to see if anyone saw them together.


As she raced down the stairwell, she saw the floor number “6”. She tried to decide quickly on whether she should leave through the lobby. She didn’t want anyone to see her and call the police. She opened the door to the sixth floor and ran to the other side of the hallway to take the stairwell that led to the back of the complex. She burst through the door and ran down the stairway. She thought about calling Crews and telling him that Adam was the Red Silk killer; she would as soon as she got to safety.


He made it to Claire’s apartment, he knocked on the door and listened quickly. He dialed her number again, hoping to hear her phone from the hallway—straight to voice mail again. He thought about what he was going to do next, when he heard the door next to Claire’s apartment open.

It was a teenager, at least sixteen years of age. His dark skin was smooth and made his eyes stand out. He seemed shy, and spoke in a low voice.

Boy: She ain’t there, hasn’t been home for a while.

Detective Crews: Were you home two nights ago?

Boy: (nods)

Crews approached the boy, but could tell he wanted to tell him something.

Detective Crews: What’s your name?

Boy: Darius.

Detective Crews: Do you have something you want to tell me Darius?

The boy hesitated, then nodded.

Detective Crews: Why don’t you tell me, and it can stay between us.

The boy looked to his feet and started to speak.

Darius: Well, I didn’t see anything, but I heard a whole lot. At first I heard moaning, and—

Detective Crews: Like sex?

Darius: (nods) Yea. Then I heard someone fall to the floor and that Claire girl yelling.

Detective Crews thought to himself if that was when Tom had walked in on Claire and Adam.

Darius: Then I heard someone walk out and leave…

He noticed the boy look to the floor, as if he was ashamed of something.

Detective Crews: What is it?

The boy didn’t look at him, but looked down the hall.

Darius: Afterwards…I heard her crying and yelling…

By that time, the boy had tears going down his face.

Detective Crews: Go ahead tell me, it’s alright.

Darius: She kept saying (imitating Claire), “Tom stop, please stop!” and all I heard was his grunting and asking her if she liked it, (imitating Tom), “You like this right you fucking whore?!”.

Detective Crews: Do you know what time this was?

Darius: (shook his head) Not sure maybe 3 or 4, I don’t know…

Detective Crews: It’s alright keep going. Did you hear anything else?

Darius: I didn’t hear her cry anymore, but heard his grunting. After that he left, and I knew because all I heard was her crying. I ain’t ever heard a woman cry like that (sobbing).

Detective Crews: Why didn’t you call anyone?

Darius: (shrugged his shoulders and wiping his tears) I don’t know. I just couldn’t believe that was happening and I was hearing… I don’t know. I wish I did, but when I heard that guy Tom got killed—I was glad. He deserved what he got.

Detective Crews: (shaking Darius’s hand) Thanks man, you helped a lot.

He left Claire’s apartment complex and sat in his car. He looked at Claire’s picture, her smile bright and smart, but he knew then she had motive.


Claire jumped down the last landing of stairs and ran to the back exit. She pushed open the steel bar and ran out into alley. The back of the complex lined with green sanitation dumpsters. She could see the street from where she stood, and as she went to run Jeremiah grabbed her from behind. She went to let out a scream, but his hand was over her mouth. He took the knife away from her and held it to her neck. He pressed the point into her skin and blood smeared down the blade.

Jeremiah: Oh Claire, you truly disappoint me. I actually liked you, especially after killing Tom.

Claire: (sobbing) why are you doing this??

He leaned into her ear.

Jeremiah: Because I enjoy it.

She stood against his body, his arm pressing against her chest.

Voice: Adam?

He heard the voice behind him, and turned away dragging Claire with him.

Voice: Adam? I’m Dr. Lynn Weeks. How are you feeling?

He stared at her and said nothing, but held the knife to Claire’s neck.

Dr. Lynn Weeks: Why don’t you hand me the knife? You don’t really want to do this.

Jeremiah: How did you know I was here?

Dr. Lynn Weeks: I have your file. Dr. Miller referred you to me, do you remember?

He didn’t say anything, but held Claire tighter.

Dr. Lynn Weeks: I know what’s happening to you. Why don’t we all go inside and talk about it?

He slowly led the knife away from Claire’s neck and pushed her towards the Doctor. She grabbed and hugged Claire as she cried on her shoulder. She stared at him, and patted her on the back. The doctor turned Claire around and looked at Jeremiah.

Dr. Lynn Weeks: Oh, how I missed you baby (slitting Claire’s throat)


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