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Red Silk Murders (episode 13)

Jeremiah: Yes, she was here, but after I arrived she decided to leave. I haven’t seen her since.

Jeremiah could see Detective Crews smugness if it had an odor he could’ve probably smelled it. He handcuffed him, Jeremiah stood emotionless as Crews walked him out of Adam’s apartment.
He sat in the patrol car until they reached the station. They dragged him into an interrogation room; cold and bright. He sat there handcuffed to the table and waited for Detective Crews. He knew they wouldn’t find anything, and although he enjoyed killing redheads, he would make the exception for the security guard. He sat in thought and imagined splitting Jeff in two. Jeremiah’s thoughts were interrupted as Detective Crews and Detective Rodriguez walked in. They sat down and he could sense they were going to try the good cop, bad cop. Det. Rodriguez placed a file on the desk, and Det. Crews opened it, exposing photos of Tom Johnson. Suddenly, a blonde female walked in with a brown box. She placed it on the table and walked out. Det. Crews opened it and laid out all the files from the victims of the Red Silk Killer.

Det. Rodriguez: Is this your work?

Jeremiah knew he had to act like Adam in order to avoid incriminating himself.

Jeremiah: No! Of course not! Just because I saw Claire doesn’t mean I’m a murderer!

Det. Crews: You neglected to tell me that you saw her.

Jeremiah: I have my reasons.

Det. Rodriguez: What?

Jeremiah: (whispering) I can’t…

Det. Crews slammed his hand on the table.

Det. Crews: You better open your mouth Adam or you’re going to facing time for obstruction of justice!

Jeremiah knew she was dead so he could say whatever he pleased.

Jeremiah: Claire killed Tom Johnson.

He could tell the news shocked them both, but mostly Crews as it seemed that he almost stumbled back.

Jeremiah: She killed him. She told me last night and I asked her to leave, that I wanted no part of it.

Det. Crews: Where is she? Did she tell you?

Jeremiah: No.

(door opens)
The Police Commissioner held onto the doorknob.

Commissioner: Let him go.

Jeremiah could see disbelief paint across Det. Crews face.

Det. Crews: What?!

Dr. Lynn Weeks and a Lawyer walked into the room.

Dr. Lynn Weeks: You had no right to arrest my patient. You didn’t have enough basis to arrest my patient. You were there to search, did you find anything?

There was a moment of silence…

Dr. Lynn Weeks: Precisely.

The officer that guarded the interrogation room walked in and un-cuffed Jeremiah.

Det. Crews: This is bullshit!

Jeremiah walked out with Dr. Lynn Weeks and approached the desk to sign himself out. As he signed himself out he saw Det. Crews, Det. Rodriguez, and the Police Commissioner following a police officer outside.

Lynn: (whispering) I always have a plan.

Jeremiah wondered what she did. As he collected his things he walked out the precinct to see a group of police officers standing by a patrol car. As he walked past the crowd he noticed blood dripping from the patrol car. CSU approached the car and opened the trunk. They shone a light and saw that it was a dismembered body, but the head stood on top of the pile—it was Claire. Jeremiah looked at Lynn and saw her looking with excitement.
He watched as they arrested Det. Rodriguez for murdering Claire. He felt satisfied that Det. Crews had to be the one to arrest his partner.

Det. Crews: Javier Rodriguez, you are under arrest for the murder of Claire Swiss.

Lynn looked at Jeremiah and whispered in his ear.

Lynn: Told ya…


Red Silk Murders (episode 12)

He felt a rush of excitement as he watched Claire’s look of surprise as she held her hand to her bleeding throat. She fell to her knees grabbing his pants as he just stared at her. She finally fell face down to the ground; he listened to her gurgle. Dr. Weeks held the blade between her cloth and wiped it clean. Jeremiah saw her smirk and unbuttoned the two top buttons of her white blouse.

Jeremiah: Well, if it isn’t Lynnie Brier?

She walked up to him and jumped, wrapping her legs on his waist. She kissed him, and he remembered her as if it were yesterday. He met her in college they were both psychology majors.  Adam never noticed her, but Jeremiah did. There was something about her that caught Jeremiah’s eye. He would watch her in class as they went over high-profile criminal cases. Adam wasn’t really into women—or anyone for that matter, but not Jeremiah. He would take over every time they had class together. He decided to watch her, follow her to see her routine. He remember that one Friday night he watched her leave, she seemed in a hurry, but focused. The campus was clear; only for a few students heading to whatever college party there was that night. She walked across the campus that was only lighted by lawn lamps. Jeremiah stood close, but far enough to stay hidden. He watched as she stood near a building, it became more interesting when she was crouched into the corner. He waited to see what she was waiting for—then he saw. A brunette came out of the building hand in hand with a guy. They stood in front of the dorm and watched the guy kissed the girl on the cheek and walked away. The girl walked in the opposite direction towards the back of the building. Jeremiah found it amazing that the girl didn’t notice Lynn lying in wait. As the brunette walked past her, she stood up and followed her. Jeremiah ran across hoping to be able to see what was going to happen. As he turned the corner, the brunette was already on the ground bleeding from her throat. Lynn turned to him, but she didn’t look surprised. She wiped her blade between a cloth and smiled.

Lynn: You like following girls Adam?

He liked her even more. She put her blade away and approached him. He watched her, unsure what she was going to do. She was very close to him when she grabbed him by the hair and kissed him.

He tasted her sweet lips and licked his mouth.

Jeremiah: When did you change your name to Weeks?

Lynn: You know me honey, just playing it safe.

Jeremiah: What are we going to do with Clair– the body?

Lynn: I always come prepared.

She showed him keys to her car, and Jeremiah smiled.


Detective Crews stood in his car and thought about his next move.

Crews: I need to find Claire…where could she be? I should’ve forced myself in…but I need a warrant.

He sat in his car. The rain had stopped and the air smelled like wet dirt. The day was chilled, but not normal for January. He thought about being a month on the case and barely coming close to who the Red Silk killer was; although he had his suspicions. He thought about what Darius told him; Claire being raped. He took out the picture again and looked at her smile. He knew that he would have to arrest her if she really did kill Tom Johnson. He was always a cop first, and he knew that’s why he couldn’t be in a long-term relationship. He placed Claire’s picture back and took out Adam’s. He stared at it and felt uneasy. He didn’t know what it was about him he didn’t like, but the look in his eyes made him uncomfortable and agitated. He looked at himself and saw his reflection through the rearview mirror. A Mazda CX-4 had come around the corner playing music loud enough that he could hear, and drove past him slow enough for him to see that Adam was in the car. He couldn’t believe his eyes and stood still for a moment. He turned on the ignition and waited for the light to turn green. He felt his heart racing, he wondered if Claire was the one in the driver’s seat, but knew Claire didn’t own that car. He took down the license plates for later: DLW1807. He followed them and realized they were heading back to his apartment. He stood far enough to watch as Adam exited the car and tapped the door as a departing gesture. He watched as the Mazda drove toward him and saw that it wasn’t Claire, but an attractive female. He saw Adam walk into the building. He got out and ran across the street, but stood by the door, and saw Adam hand money to the security guard. Now seeing he was a bought witness, he had reasonable doubt to believe Claire was up in his apartment. He opened his phone and dialed…

Detective Crews: Hey Dana… I need a search warrant… 2226 49th street twenty-third floor…Adam Moore…come on I can’t wait that long…I’ll owe you one man…Oh can you run license plate–DLW1807…Thanks.

He slapped the phone shut and felt victorious. He ran back to his car awaiting backup.

(one hour later)

Crews saw the first patrol car turn the corner and knew that the warrant was going to be in his hand. He hoped that Claire was hiding in Adam’s apartment. Now he was sure Adam and Claire were working together. He saw his partner three cars down and waited anxiously. As the first patrol car stopped in front of him, the officer rolled down his window and handed him the search warrant.

Police office: Here you go boss.

He saw his partner walk out of his car and approach him.

Detective Rodriguez: We finally got’em?

Detective Crews just nodded and ran across the street. He made it into the building and instructing his fellow officers as he pointed to the security guard.

Detective Crews: Arrest him.

The security guard was shocked by the unexpected news. Crews practically broke the elevator button as he pressed it to open. He knew he had to keep calm and do what he did best—catch criminals. He felt this was his big break as the elevator went straight up to the twenty-third floor. He walked to Adam’s door with his partner and three other officers.


Jeremiah was thinking about everything that happened and felt a little disappointed that they had to kill Claire. He liked her and knew that If Adam ever came back, he would be disappointed too–devastated. He thought of Lynn and knew she was better and was always prepared. She had even bought him a new pair of clothes. After placing the body in her car, she told him to bring all his things that could connect him to the Red Silk Murders. He agreed that Adam’s apartment was now or going to be watched, especially with Crews investigating the case. He stood by the door and scanned the apartment seeing if there was anything out-of-place. He stood staring into nothing until he heard a knock on the door. He turned slightly and wondered who it was until he heard their voice.

Detective Crews: Adam Moore, open the door!

Jeremiah felt at ease that nothing was in his apartment for them to catch him. It didn’t take him long to open the door since he was standing right by it. He placed the glasses on his face and opened the door.

Jeremiah: What is it?

Detective Crews slammed the warrant against his chest.

Crews: I have a warrant to search your apartment.

Jeremiah: (smirking) Be my guest.

Jeremiah watched as they went through every drawer they could find. He patiently watched and waited.

Crews: Where’s Claire?

Jeremiah: I don’t know.

He saw his face and watched a smile grow on his face.

Crews: Really?

He gestured the officer by the door and saw him pull the security guard into Adam’s apartment.

Crews: Tell him, what you told me.

Jeff the security guard: I saw her last night.

Jeremiah looked at Jeff and then looked at Crews who had a satisfying look on his face.

Jeff the security guard: She came first and Mr. Moore came an hour or so after…

Your Thoughts?

Have you ever written a story, then to realize you’re not sure on whether to continue it or not? Well, if you do, then I am in the same predicament. I have a series called “Into The Dark” here on WordPress and well I’m not to sure on whether or not to continue it. My sister, some time ago, said, “Why don’t you ask your followers? Ask for some feedback and see if they want to continue reading that particularly story.” Well some time after…here I am. I would like to know if any of you would like me to continue posting “Into The Dark”. I would appreciate some feedback.



A glimpse of June 11th

Hello Readers,

So, as I mentioned in a earlier post, I was going to give a speech at my daughter’s school to discuss what it’s like to be an author.

At first, I was going to write a speech, which I had brooded over for days trying to think what to say to second graders. But then I had to take a moment and tell myself that I’m not a planned writer—I just go with the flow.

Then, I decided to just wing it, well I did have index cards, but just to stir some ideas—get the creative juice flowing. The presentation was set for June 11th at 12:30. I arrived at P.S. 86 with my mother, my husband, my sister, and my other two children (my support group).

I met with the assistant principal, and she showed me the poster they had created for me to sign which will be hung in the library. I was asked to  dedicate a quote to the students, which I had given: Nothing is impossible; all you have to do is want it. This quote is a rendition of my favorite quote told to me by someone very special.

“Todo es possible, lo unico que falta es quierelo”

The quote was first told to me by my husband, which I had never forgotten and probably never will. This quote inspired me to take risks and move forward in my life. To be attending school full-time, be a stay at home mom, pregnant, and finally publishing my book. My husband showed me how strong this quote is, that I had to pass it on any opportunity I was given.

After introducing myself to the students, I opened my speech with:

“I want you guys to take a moment and think about something you love. It could be anything: a parent, music, a video game anything you love…Do you see how you feel? That is how I feel about writing.

I tried to make it interactive by asking questions such as, “Does anyone know what writer’s block is?”

Overall, my message to the kids was about pursuing their dreams. To find something that makes them truly happy and to not be so focused on money, because at the end of their life they should want to be happy with the life they had led. To not let anyone tell them that it is impossible to carry out their dreams. I told them there will be obstacles; people for fear of their own limitations will try to project it on them. I told them that being happy in what you do is the utmost important thing, because a career is something you’ll do every day for the rest of the time you are allowed. You need to be able to wake up every day looking forward to doing what you chose as a career for yourself. You can have a career that could make you a lot of money, but if every morning you wake up and say, “Oh God, I hate this job!” It is not worth it– at all. I told them that we often look for happiness in others or in objects, but that true happiness really comes from within.

I remember being in elementary school, junior high, and high school being in the auditorium hearing a speech about a person whose accomplished things, but I always felt unsatisfied, because they all always gave the same speech—follow your dream. There was nothing else, no other connection to following ones dream, nothing about obstacles or challenges faced. I had always said if I had ever had the opportunity to speak to kids that I would do my best to give them better advice than just follow your dreams. I hope that I did a good job and left the kids feeling satisfied and hopeful of going after things that make them truly happy.

I read Briann & the Castle that I had made for that day. What surprised me was that I read it and well I guess you can say acted out the character’s voice. I never saw myself doing something like that, I easily feel awkward doing certain things. But, as I read my story I became comfortable, just seeing their faces how interested they were in my story helped me make it more magical—that my human abilities could allow. As I was reaching near the end of my story I knew that I still would have some time left. Things were going so well and I thought, “What the hell am I going to do now?” but then I thought to myself, kids love to ask questions. So after I finished, and they clapped I told them that I would answer any questions they may have.

I loved how eager they were. Here’s a few questions they asked me:

What do you do when you’re bored?

What is it about writing that makes you happy?

Do you love chocolate?

Is it hard being an author?

Did you draw the cover of your book?

How do you pick the titles?

How long did it take for you to finish writing your book?

Very smart second graders!

I had a great time and enjoyed talking to the kids.

Afterwards, I was invited to my daughter’s classroom where the teacher had the kids write and draw what they wanted to be when they grew up. As I watched them feverishly draw and write, I asked the teacher if it would be okay if I signed their papers—you know practice for the big leagues haha (fingers crossed) It felt amazing to sign my autograph and I was left imagining what it would be like to sign my books to my readers…

I spoke to the principal and they would love for me to come every year especially for the graduating class. She even mentioned setting up a parent workshop to help inspire parents to encourage their children to write. I am more than willing to do it, can’t wait til September.

I am lucky to have amazing support from family and friends. A mother that has always guided me into the right direction. Always told me to do for myself and move forward. I have incredible friends who have been with me on my journey and have seen me grow, and continue on my path with me. I have a husband that supports me and has inspired me since the day we spoke to each other. As for myself, I hope to inspire my kids that no matter what decision they make in life it is never the end of the road unless they want it to be. It is never late to change your life. I will say to them as it was said to me:

“Todo es posible, lo único que falta es quierelo”

(Matias Nicolas-Pena)

So I pass onto you: Nothing is impossible, all you have to do is want it…

If you want to see more pictures of my speech go to:

Signing autographs
Signing autographs

Signing my Poster

Book Promotion!

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Elizarose Nicolas

I will hold the date– June 11th!

On a earlier post, I had written that I had been invited to my daughter’s school to give a speech on what it’s like to be an author. They asked me to write a story or to read an excerpt of my book.

I will be speaking at my daughter’s school on June 11th 2015. I met with the principal and my daughter’s teacher. They wanted to ask me some questions like when did you discover you wanted to be a writer? How was the publishing experience, etc…? The teacher who had read my book, spoke well of me to the principal. They already had an author that met with the school, but the teacher thought it was better for the children to meet an author from the community. To show the kids that it is not impossible to be what you want in life. To show them that being an author is not unobtainable.

When I explained my background to the principal and how I came to discover that I wanted to write—well she seemed pleased. I was so humbled and grateful when the principal told me that she will be making a poster of the front cover of my book and would like for me to sign it so they can hang it up in the school library. I was like, “Yes thank you so much!” She also wants me to write a dedication to the students so I can sign that as well.

Man, I can’t explain how good it felt. Honestly though, who I have to thank here is my daughter’s teacher Ms. G. If it wasn’t for her actually buying my book, reading it, and vouching for me to her boss, well I wouldn’t be giving any speech, now would I?

I told her I was grateful for her help and she told me, now don’t quote me on this, but that she sees a lot of special things for me, and I am on a great journey. She thinks I’m an amazing writer, which helps me so much, since I pretty much doubt my writing; the way a skeptic doubts psychic phenomenon… She told me that after June 11 she will be telling other schools about me so I can speak there—Really Ms. G is awesome.

It had crossed my mind to tell the principal that if they allowed me to go every year I will. Even if by the graciousness of God I would to make it best seller, that I would still like to go and give whatever inspiration I can give to the kids.

I had written three stories for the school, but we have decided that I will be reading Briann & The Castle.

Since last Thursday, I have raked my brain on what to say to the kids– Something that can get through to them. How can I make second graders understand how important it is to go to school and pursue their dreams?

I did tell the principal if it was okay for me to stress that happiness should come before money, because society is too focused on “making money” than the true happiness of the heart and soul. I told her, “You can make all the money in the world, and own the latest model car, but if you’re not happy in what you do it all becomes irrelevant.” I want the kids to understand that passion for your dream helps you conquer any obstacle you have keeping you from your goal. I want them to understand that the way they can tell if something is their passion is if they can’t breathe or sleep without thinking of that dream. That every day they wake up, they do so in happiness waiting to do it every day for as long as God and/or time allows them to. Happiness isn’t found everywhere, but it could be found within themselves and to not let anyone discourage them in obtaining what truly keeps them alive.

As for Ms. G, thank you so much for vouching for me and being an awesome fan!

I will be forever grateful and I will never forget…

Elizarose Nicolas

Violet Stone & the Fire God’s Tomb (chapter two)

I looked up to the ceiling of the cave; ancient markings mixed with the native language of the Zapotecs, and markings I had never seen before. There was a large drawing, branded on, of a God of some type. It was unbelievable! The vastness of the cave. I had trouble seeing since the light fixtures weren’t bright enough.

“We’re getting better lighting tomorrow.” Mateo said. I pointed to the image.

“That looks like Pitao.” The sexy archeologist looked at me in surprise.

“How can you tell?” This was the perfect opportunity to get inside his pants with my knowledge.

“Because of the ears of corn in his headdress.” He smiled at me.

“Dr. Brown didn’t tell me you were familiar with Oaxaqueno culture.” I smirked at him.

“I get around.”

There was a loud sound of drilling that interrupted our conversation. The workers were drilling the last wall, because of an entrance that seemed too small for any human to fit in.

“We believe there is something on the other side!” Mateo said yelling.

“Show me the object you found; the one from the picture!” I said screaming from the top of my lungs.

He waved for me to follow him. As I left the cave, I looked up to admire the mountain, how interesting for it to look like a frozen waterfall. I watched him walk, and quickly thought what a nice butt he had. We walked through some foliage as tall as I am as least over five feet or more.

A man stood in front of Mateo’s tent. It was beige with the curtains draped to the side. The tent was at least eight feet by twenty-two feet long; enough to move around and live in.

I walked in and looked around noticing his camp bed that was neatly fixed. By the bed leg stood all his belongings, ready to leave at any moment. Standing by, was a metal shelf that had a weathered tea kettle, pans, plates, and a skillet that they call a “comal”.  He had a table in the back that had papers and tools for excavations, above stood a dark bronze lantern.

“There is one thing you can answer for me.” What I liked about him is that he always gave me eye contact when he was going to speak to me.

“Yes. What is it?” He said. He seemed nervous about my question.

“Why do they call it Hierve El Agua?”

“It means the water boils, because of the bubbling natural springs. The springs are naturally hot.” I knew why they called it Hierve El Agua, but I liked watching him speak. “I’m assuming you didn’t bring a tent.” My sarcasm has always gotten the best of me.

“How can you tell? It’s the luggage isn’t it?” He smiled again and pointed to a space on the far right.

“I will bring you a bed.”

“Thank you I appreciate it.” I said. His eyes quickly changed.

“Now the artifact.” He said.

I stared at him as he walked over to a steel crate and typed in a password on the keypad. It hissed and the lid popped open. He opened it and remove from it a small steel box. Inside the crate, was other artifacts found during the excavation. He brought over the box and placed it on the desk. He typed in a numerical pass code. He turned it towards me and opened it. I couldn’t help but gasp. It looked more impressive than the picture. Laying on black velvet, I removed the object from the box. It stood in my hand and was cold to the touch. Engraved into it was the same markings as the ones on the ceiling of the cave.

“Isn’t it incredible?” Mateo said with awe in his voice.

“Yes it is…where do you think it’s from?”

“I don’t know, but it is not from here. I know this for sure.” He said.

There was something about him that I liked, besides the fact he was hot, his energy attracted me.

The ground began to shake and his dishes started to fall off the rack. I didn’t know what else to hold and I hanged onto him. He grabbed me and hugged me until the lights went out. He hugged me tighter and spoke gently in my ear.

“It’ll be over soon.”

I didn’t feel scared, but anything to be that close to his body I’ll accept.

The earthquake didn’t feel normal as it kept shaking for more than fifty seconds, and the lantern in the middle of the tent kept moving around. I had forgotten I had the object in my hand, until it felt hot. I looked at it and realized it was admitting a blue light. Suddenly, the center of the object turned into liquid silver and formed words: light, door, path. Mateo and I looked at each other, shocked with what was happening. We ran out the tent and noticed blue lights along the grass reaching to the excavation site. Although the Earth kept shaking, we made it towards the mountain. Everyone, including Dr. Brown, were at another camp. Only Mateo chose to stay near the site. We ran into the cave and saw that the entry way that was too small for a human being, had glowing blue markings written above it. We approached it, and I held out the object. The object levitated off my hand and started spinning, and like puzzle pieces the entry broke away and became bigger.

We stood in front a long dark tunnel. Mateo took out his flashlight from his tool belt and tried to light the tunnel, but it was nothing but darkness. I grabbed the stone from the mid-air and stepped into the tunnel. The object quickly shone a bright blue light, enough to see a foot in front of me. I was beyond excited and hardly said a word except for, “Come on.”

“Should we get Dr. Brown?” Mateo said. I looked back at him and smiled.

“Where is your sense of adventure?”

We walked down the tunnel and felt on edge not knowing what to expect. As we made it to the end of the tunnel, it led into a large room as big as the site they were digging in. It wasn’t well lit, even with the object shining. Mateo noticed torches nearby and a fire fountain. He lit the torch and touched the disk of the fountain that lit up with fire. It followed all-round the cave; as if someone traced the ground with gasoline. We stood speechless as the room became brighter. In the center, was a circle of giant stones in the shape of eggs. I couldn’t believe what we had found.  All the eggs engraved with markings I had never seen. Similar to the marking patterns of the artifact in my hand and on the cave ceiling in the other room.

“What is this?” Mateo said.

“I don’t know. It seems like something not of this world.”

As Mateo went to walk forward, I noticed on a side wall markings—pictures drawn of lines coming through floor. It didn’t make sense until I realized what it meant.

“Mateo! A trap!” I pulled him by his collar as a spear of bone came piercing through the ground. He fell on top of me; he looked at me with fear, relief, and gratefulness. “We need to be careful.” I said as I helped him to his feet.

“How are we going to get over there without dying?” Mateo said looking at the giant eggs. I had the weirdest feeling in the pit of my stomach. It felt as if I already knew what had to be done. I took the artifact and pointed it towards the floor.

“Path.” The artifact lit up again as I pointed it towards the floor. The same marking patterns appeared and I saw that we had to take twenty steps towards the center of the large stones.

I looked at Mateo with a smile of excitement, “Follow me.”