I will hold the date– June 11th!

On a earlier post, I had written that I had been invited to my daughter’s school to give a speech on what it’s like to be an author. They asked me to write a story or to read an excerpt of my book.

I will be speaking at my daughter’s school on June 11th 2015. I met with the principal and my daughter’s teacher. They wanted to ask me some questions like when did you discover you wanted to be a writer? How was the publishing experience, etc…? The teacher who had read my book, spoke well of me to the principal. They already had an author that met with the school, but the teacher thought it was better for the children to meet an author from the community. To show the kids that it is not impossible to be what you want in life. To show them that being an author is not unobtainable.

When I explained my background to the principal and how I came to discover that I wanted to write—well she seemed pleased. I was so humbled and grateful when the principal told me that she will be making a poster of the front cover of my book and would like for me to sign it so they can hang it up in the school library. I was like, “Yes thank you so much!” She also wants me to write a dedication to the students so I can sign that as well.

Man, I can’t explain how good it felt. Honestly though, who I have to thank here is my daughter’s teacher Ms. G. If it wasn’t for her actually buying my book, reading it, and vouching for me to her boss, well I wouldn’t be giving any speech, now would I?

I told her I was grateful for her help and she told me, now don’t quote me on this, but that she sees a lot of special things for me, and I am on a great journey. She thinks I’m an amazing writer, which helps me so much, since I pretty much doubt my writing; the way a skeptic doubts psychic phenomenon… She told me that after June 11 she will be telling other schools about me so I can speak there—Really Ms. G is awesome.

It had crossed my mind to tell the principal that if they allowed me to go every year I will. Even if by the graciousness of God I would to make it best seller, that I would still like to go and give whatever inspiration I can give to the kids.

I had written three stories for the school, but we have decided that I will be reading Briann & The Castle.

Since last Thursday, I have raked my brain on what to say to the kids– Something that can get through to them. How can I make second graders understand how important it is to go to school and pursue their dreams?

I did tell the principal if it was okay for me to stress that happiness should come before money, because society is too focused on “making money” than the true happiness of the heart and soul. I told her, “You can make all the money in the world, and own the latest model car, but if you’re not happy in what you do it all becomes irrelevant.” I want the kids to understand that passion for your dream helps you conquer any obstacle you have keeping you from your goal. I want them to understand that the way they can tell if something is their passion is if they can’t breathe or sleep without thinking of that dream. That every day they wake up, they do so in happiness waiting to do it every day for as long as God and/or time allows them to. Happiness isn’t found everywhere, but it could be found within themselves and to not let anyone discourage them in obtaining what truly keeps them alive.

As for Ms. G, thank you so much for vouching for me and being an awesome fan!

I will be forever grateful and I will never forget…

Elizarose Nicolas


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