Book Promotion!

Hello readers!
My book Beyond the Kingdom: The Dream Book One is available on kindle for. 99¢ until June 8 2015 12:00 am et!

Beyond The Kingdom: The Dream
Book One

For sisters Oona and Enora, life has always been challenging. They live in the woods with their guardian Leon, but they don’t know why they must live that way, or who their real family might be. Oona starts to have deeply troubling nightmares that seem to show her another life she once led…or could lead. When Enora falls dangerously ill, Leon and Oona are forced to reach beyond their small circle to find help. Eventually they find a witch who can help to heal Enora…and it turns out that now is the time for many well-hidden secrets to come to light. The sisters are now poised on the greatest and most dangerous journey of their lives, to learn who they really are, and to find out the truth about the terrifying enemy who hunts them. But they aren’t alone: they will discover friends and allies, and more importantly, they will discover the special gifts that make them unique. You will be enchanted by this well-written, deftly plotted fantasy novel, with its compelling themes of inner strength and the bonds of friendship.

Elizarose Nicolas


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