Red Silk Murders (episode 12)

He felt a rush of excitement as he watched Claire’s look of surprise as she held her hand to her bleeding throat. She fell to her knees grabbing his pants as he just stared at her. She finally fell face down to the ground; he listened to her gurgle. Dr. Weeks held the blade between her cloth and wiped it clean. Jeremiah saw her smirk and unbuttoned the two top buttons of her white blouse.

Jeremiah: Well, if it isn’t Lynnie Brier?

She walked up to him and jumped, wrapping her legs on his waist. She kissed him, and he remembered her as if it were yesterday. He met her in college they were both psychology majors.  Adam never noticed her, but Jeremiah did. There was something about her that caught Jeremiah’s eye. He would watch her in class as they went over high-profile criminal cases. Adam wasn’t really into women—or anyone for that matter, but not Jeremiah. He would take over every time they had class together. He decided to watch her, follow her to see her routine. He remember that one Friday night he watched her leave, she seemed in a hurry, but focused. The campus was clear; only for a few students heading to whatever college party there was that night. She walked across the campus that was only lighted by lawn lamps. Jeremiah stood close, but far enough to stay hidden. He watched as she stood near a building, it became more interesting when she was crouched into the corner. He waited to see what she was waiting for—then he saw. A brunette came out of the building hand in hand with a guy. They stood in front of the dorm and watched the guy kissed the girl on the cheek and walked away. The girl walked in the opposite direction towards the back of the building. Jeremiah found it amazing that the girl didn’t notice Lynn lying in wait. As the brunette walked past her, she stood up and followed her. Jeremiah ran across hoping to be able to see what was going to happen. As he turned the corner, the brunette was already on the ground bleeding from her throat. Lynn turned to him, but she didn’t look surprised. She wiped her blade between a cloth and smiled.

Lynn: You like following girls Adam?

He liked her even more. She put her blade away and approached him. He watched her, unsure what she was going to do. She was very close to him when she grabbed him by the hair and kissed him.

He tasted her sweet lips and licked his mouth.

Jeremiah: When did you change your name to Weeks?

Lynn: You know me honey, just playing it safe.

Jeremiah: What are we going to do with Clair– the body?

Lynn: I always come prepared.

She showed him keys to her car, and Jeremiah smiled.


Detective Crews stood in his car and thought about his next move.

Crews: I need to find Claire…where could she be? I should’ve forced myself in…but I need a warrant.

He sat in his car. The rain had stopped and the air smelled like wet dirt. The day was chilled, but not normal for January. He thought about being a month on the case and barely coming close to who the Red Silk killer was; although he had his suspicions. He thought about what Darius told him; Claire being raped. He took out the picture again and looked at her smile. He knew that he would have to arrest her if she really did kill Tom Johnson. He was always a cop first, and he knew that’s why he couldn’t be in a long-term relationship. He placed Claire’s picture back and took out Adam’s. He stared at it and felt uneasy. He didn’t know what it was about him he didn’t like, but the look in his eyes made him uncomfortable and agitated. He looked at himself and saw his reflection through the rearview mirror. A Mazda CX-4 had come around the corner playing music loud enough that he could hear, and drove past him slow enough for him to see that Adam was in the car. He couldn’t believe his eyes and stood still for a moment. He turned on the ignition and waited for the light to turn green. He felt his heart racing, he wondered if Claire was the one in the driver’s seat, but knew Claire didn’t own that car. He took down the license plates for later: DLW1807. He followed them and realized they were heading back to his apartment. He stood far enough to watch as Adam exited the car and tapped the door as a departing gesture. He watched as the Mazda drove toward him and saw that it wasn’t Claire, but an attractive female. He saw Adam walk into the building. He got out and ran across the street, but stood by the door, and saw Adam hand money to the security guard. Now seeing he was a bought witness, he had reasonable doubt to believe Claire was up in his apartment. He opened his phone and dialed…

Detective Crews: Hey Dana… I need a search warrant… 2226 49th street twenty-third floor…Adam Moore…come on I can’t wait that long…I’ll owe you one man…Oh can you run license plate–DLW1807…Thanks.

He slapped the phone shut and felt victorious. He ran back to his car awaiting backup.

(one hour later)

Crews saw the first patrol car turn the corner and knew that the warrant was going to be in his hand. He hoped that Claire was hiding in Adam’s apartment. Now he was sure Adam and Claire were working together. He saw his partner three cars down and waited anxiously. As the first patrol car stopped in front of him, the officer rolled down his window and handed him the search warrant.

Police office: Here you go boss.

He saw his partner walk out of his car and approach him.

Detective Rodriguez: We finally got’em?

Detective Crews just nodded and ran across the street. He made it into the building and instructing his fellow officers as he pointed to the security guard.

Detective Crews: Arrest him.

The security guard was shocked by the unexpected news. Crews practically broke the elevator button as he pressed it to open. He knew he had to keep calm and do what he did best—catch criminals. He felt this was his big break as the elevator went straight up to the twenty-third floor. He walked to Adam’s door with his partner and three other officers.


Jeremiah was thinking about everything that happened and felt a little disappointed that they had to kill Claire. He liked her and knew that If Adam ever came back, he would be disappointed too–devastated. He thought of Lynn and knew she was better and was always prepared. She had even bought him a new pair of clothes. After placing the body in her car, she told him to bring all his things that could connect him to the Red Silk Murders. He agreed that Adam’s apartment was now or going to be watched, especially with Crews investigating the case. He stood by the door and scanned the apartment seeing if there was anything out-of-place. He stood staring into nothing until he heard a knock on the door. He turned slightly and wondered who it was until he heard their voice.

Detective Crews: Adam Moore, open the door!

Jeremiah felt at ease that nothing was in his apartment for them to catch him. It didn’t take him long to open the door since he was standing right by it. He placed the glasses on his face and opened the door.

Jeremiah: What is it?

Detective Crews slammed the warrant against his chest.

Crews: I have a warrant to search your apartment.

Jeremiah: (smirking) Be my guest.

Jeremiah watched as they went through every drawer they could find. He patiently watched and waited.

Crews: Where’s Claire?

Jeremiah: I don’t know.

He saw his face and watched a smile grow on his face.

Crews: Really?

He gestured the officer by the door and saw him pull the security guard into Adam’s apartment.

Crews: Tell him, what you told me.

Jeff the security guard: I saw her last night.

Jeremiah looked at Jeff and then looked at Crews who had a satisfying look on his face.

Jeff the security guard: She came first and Mr. Moore came an hour or so after…


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