Red Silk Murders (episode 13)

Jeremiah: Yes, she was here, but after I arrived she decided to leave. I haven’t seen her since.

Jeremiah could see Detective Crews smugness if it had an odor he could’ve probably smelled it. He handcuffed him, Jeremiah stood emotionless as Crews walked him out of Adam’s apartment.
He sat in the patrol car until they reached the station. They dragged him into an interrogation room; cold and bright. He sat there handcuffed to the table and waited for Detective Crews. He knew they wouldn’t find anything, and although he enjoyed killing redheads, he would make the exception for the security guard. He sat in thought and imagined splitting Jeff in two. Jeremiah’s thoughts were interrupted as Detective Crews and Detective Rodriguez walked in. They sat down and he could sense they were going to try the good cop, bad cop. Det. Rodriguez placed a file on the desk, and Det. Crews opened it, exposing photos of Tom Johnson. Suddenly, a blonde female walked in with a brown box. She placed it on the table and walked out. Det. Crews opened it and laid out all the files from the victims of the Red Silk Killer.

Det. Rodriguez: Is this your work?

Jeremiah knew he had to act like Adam in order to avoid incriminating himself.

Jeremiah: No! Of course not! Just because I saw Claire doesn’t mean I’m a murderer!

Det. Crews: You neglected to tell me that you saw her.

Jeremiah: I have my reasons.

Det. Rodriguez: What?

Jeremiah: (whispering) I can’t…

Det. Crews slammed his hand on the table.

Det. Crews: You better open your mouth Adam or you’re going to facing time for obstruction of justice!

Jeremiah knew she was dead so he could say whatever he pleased.

Jeremiah: Claire killed Tom Johnson.

He could tell the news shocked them both, but mostly Crews as it seemed that he almost stumbled back.

Jeremiah: She killed him. She told me last night and I asked her to leave, that I wanted no part of it.

Det. Crews: Where is she? Did she tell you?

Jeremiah: No.

(door opens)
The Police Commissioner held onto the doorknob.

Commissioner: Let him go.

Jeremiah could see disbelief paint across Det. Crews face.

Det. Crews: What?!

Dr. Lynn Weeks and a Lawyer walked into the room.

Dr. Lynn Weeks: You had no right to arrest my patient. You didn’t have enough basis to arrest my patient. You were there to search, did you find anything?

There was a moment of silence…

Dr. Lynn Weeks: Precisely.

The officer that guarded the interrogation room walked in and un-cuffed Jeremiah.

Det. Crews: This is bullshit!

Jeremiah walked out with Dr. Lynn Weeks and approached the desk to sign himself out. As he signed himself out he saw Det. Crews, Det. Rodriguez, and the Police Commissioner following a police officer outside.

Lynn: (whispering) I always have a plan.

Jeremiah wondered what she did. As he collected his things he walked out the precinct to see a group of police officers standing by a patrol car. As he walked past the crowd he noticed blood dripping from the patrol car. CSU approached the car and opened the trunk. They shone a light and saw that it was a dismembered body, but the head stood on top of the pile—it was Claire. Jeremiah looked at Lynn and saw her looking with excitement.
He watched as they arrested Det. Rodriguez for murdering Claire. He felt satisfied that Det. Crews had to be the one to arrest his partner.

Det. Crews: Javier Rodriguez, you are under arrest for the murder of Claire Swiss.

Lynn looked at Jeremiah and whispered in his ear.

Lynn: Told ya…


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