Red Silk Murders (episode 14)

She always felt excited when she was steps ahead of the police. She had followed Detective Rodriguez before he met up with Crews; an active gambler, she knew there was a motive for killing Claire if she somehow found out about his addiction. She placed her hand on Jeremiah’s shoulder.
Dr. Lynn: (keeping a low voice) Detective Rodriguez is a gambler and owes money to some scumbags. Now, you’re going to have to act devastated because we know Adam would.

She gently pushed him forward. Jeremiah couldn’t believe the length she put into the plan. He walked through the crowd and approached Detective Crews and the open patrol car.

Jeremiah: Claire?! Oh God No Claire!
Two policemen grabbed his arms as he slowly fell to his knees. He got up quickly and tried to attack Detective Rodriguez. Two other policemen grabbed him, stopping him from reaching Detective Rodriguez.

Jeremiah: How could you, you son of a bitch?! How could you?!

Detective Rodriguez looked horrified at Jeremiah and Crews. Anyone aware enough could see in his eyes he was innocent. Maybe not from gambling, but from murdering Claire.

Detective Rodriguez: I didn’t do it! I swear! I was set up!!
He wildly looked at Crews
Detective Rodriguez: I swear Crews I didn’t do it!

Crews looked at Jeremiah, a stare that could’ve stopped someone’s weak heart. The sounds drowned out with the coldness of his eyes. Dr. Lynn was then by Jeremiah’s side.

Dr. Lynn: Come, Adam, I’ll take you home.

Crews felt helpless because he knew something wasn’t right, but there was nothing he could do at the moment. He tightly grabbed Jeremiah’s forearm, a cuff that made his veins protrude.

Detective Crews: I’m not done with you so don’t get too comfortable.
Jeremiah walked with Lynn to her car. He was very impressed on how she executed the disposal of Claire’s body. They got into the car and she smiled at him.
Dr. Lynn: Let’s go to my place.

Crews walked behind Detective Rodriguez now in handcuffs. He watched as his fellow officers stared in shock. The commissioner leading Rodriguez into the interrogation room looked at Crews. They walked down the corridor and came up to a steel door with Officer Heinz standing by it. He nodded his head and opened the door. The plain gray room with the white tile floor; in the center was a brown table and beige folding chair. The commissioner sat Rodriguez down and handcuffed him to the table that had a metal loop welded to it.
Detective Rodriguez: I didn’t do it!
Commissioner: Javier this looks really bad– really bad. The reporters are going to have a field day with this.
Detective Crews: Who gives a shit about the media! This is just bullshit sir, you and I both know he didn’t do this!
There was a knock on the door. Officer Heinz opened it and handed the commissioner a file. He took it and walked reading the file.
Commissioner: Are you a gambler Javier?
There was a long silence, there were certain things he didn’t know about his partner—a lot of things. But he knew Rodriguez didn’t kill Claire.
Commissioner: Where were you a couple of nights ago?
Rodriguez remained silent with his head bent down, shaking his head.
Detective Crews: We can’t help you if you don’t speak up man.

They stopped at Lynn’s place and he watched her get out her car and walked to an apartment complex. Across the street was central park, from where he stood, he could see the lake and the bridge made of stone. He followed her inside and watched her ass as she approached the elevator. They entered the elevator and she pressed the seventh-floor button. The door slowly closed and Lynn turned to Jeremiah and kissed him putting her tongue in his mouth. He lifted her and grabbed her full ass squeezing it tightly. He turned and held her against the wall kissing down her neck and into her breast. The elevator jolted and the door slid open. He carried her out and walked as she pointed to her apartment door. He let her down in order to open it–she laughed.
Dr. Lynn: I can’t concentrate with your finger in my pussy.
Jeremiah: I’m sure you can manage.
She opened the door and he came at her like a wave. He grabbed her and made his way down a short corridor into the living room. He tossed her on the couch. She smiled as she removed her panties and watched him unbuckle his pants. He put a condom on and watched her as she moved to the arm of the couch and bent over it, hands touching the floor. He felt hard, his cock was harder than with Claire or his redheaded victims. He snapped back into reality when Lynn reached for his hand and made him grab her hair. He felt more excited and knew his cock couldn’t feel anymore harder. He penetrated her pussy, and could feel her skin slap his thighs. He fucked her and pulled her hair and tried to make her scream, but all she did was moan and tell him to do it harder. He loved Masochistic women.

Crews stood in front of the jail cell they had Rodriguez in.
Detective Crews: I know you didn’t kill Claire. I’m going to get you out of here.
He watched as Rodriguez held his head in his hands. He looked up at Crews with despair in his eyes.
Detective Rodriguez: Maybe it was those assholes that set me up, you know the guys I owe money to.
Detective Crews: It’s possible, but I doubt it.
Crews walked away as he heard Rodriguez calling for him. He left knowing he had to act fast. He had a feeling Adam was behind it, but he wasn’t sure how, but he would find out.

He buckled his pants and saw Lynn getting ready.
Jeremiah: Where you going?
Dr. Lynn: (smiling) You’re my husband now?
Jeremiah: No, I’m just asking.
Dr. Lynn: Well if you must know, I have a date with the commissioner.
Jeremiah: What?
Dr. Lynn: I know you heard me.
He could not figure her out and stared at her.
Jeremiah: Oh.
Dr. Lynn: (smirking) Ohhh, you jealous?
Jeremiah: No.
Dr. Lynn: zip me up?
She wore a body fitting red dress that outlined her curves. Her hair laid on her shoulders and applied her red lipstick perfectly without a mirror.
Dr. Lynn: Lock up will ya?
She kissed him on the cheek staining it with color.
He saw her walk out and closed the door.

She got into her car and put the radio loud. She drove to the River Café down at Water Street. She lowered the volume of her radio as she approached the restaurant. She got out of the car and handed her keys to the valet.
She walked up to the hostess with the pretty blonde hair.
Hostess: Good Evening.
Dr. Lynn: Lynn Weeks.
The hostess looked down at the reservation book.
Hostess: Ah yes, Mr. Logan is waiting for you. Follow me.
Lynn followed behind the slim blonde and looked at the people eating and drinking wine. She noticed the commissioner first, than the hostess.
Dr. Lynn: (pointing) That’s him right there.
She approached him and did find him to be a very handsome man. He stood up and smiled and pulled out her seat
Commissioner Logan: You look incredible.
Dr. Lynn: Why thank you Commissioner.
Commissioner Logan: Please call me Jake.
Dr. Lynn: Jake.
She sat down and was served wine by the waiter.
Dr. Lynn: (to waiter) thank you. (to Jake Logan) What a lovely restaurant.

They started to talk and drink wine. The food shortly came after she didn’t really care about the food but enjoyed the wine. She watched him and let him talk. Anyone with the right encouragement talks when they’re drunk. She waited after his fifth glass to ask him.
Dr. Lynn: How’s Javier?
Commissioner Logan: Not good. His file says he’s addicted to gambling.
Dr. Lynn: Do you think he did it?
Commissioner Logan: I don’t know. People do a lot of terrible things for their addiction…
Dr. Lynn: I wish I could help him. He seems to be very troubled.
She had thrown the bait and waited to see if the fish would catch it.
Commissioner Logan: Aren’t you a psychiatrist?
Dr. Lynn: (thinking to herself) Gotcha. (to Logan) Yes, I am.
Commissioner Logan: Could you help him?
Dr. Lynn: (hesitating) I don’t know. Wouldn’t they be suspicious since you and I are dating?
Commissioner Logan: If you can meet with him in private without anyone knowing, would you?
Dr. Lynn: Yes of course anything for you.
Commissioner Logan: Consider it done.
She picked up her wine glass and sipped on it smiling as he finished his in one gulp.
Dr. Lynn: (thinking to herself) Yes. Consider it done.


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