Our Love Like Fire

Our love a dangerous fire

Dark in its ugly beauty

A whirlwind of trouble and desire

Horses of loving rage

We ride the waves of our emotions

Dive to the deepest, coldest part

Our arms extended to the stars

Kissing every battle scar

Intertwined knotted rope

the war between love and pride

Music horn of freedom

and the sorrow pages of our mind

The sword of your love

pierces my heart

but I prefer to die like this,

than a shell of emptiness

They donโ€™t know

the complicated song of your soul

I hear it on the strings of my memory

bleeding on the plucked strings; burning and pleasurable stings.

Climbing up

your ever shifting wall

the danger feeds me

ice that ignites my core.

With my fist in the air

I place my flag on your heart

because I discovered the gems

without uncovering the Earth.

Maybe our love is chaos

wild that canโ€™t be tamed

teardrops of honey

you hang onto me by my waist

Kiss me, burn me

Our love like fire

Our love like fire.


19 thoughts on “Our Love Like Fire

    1. Thank you so much! I was worried that the passion wasn’t captured in the poem, because sometimes the feelings are so overwhelming you feel you can’t express it. Thank you again for your comment I really appreciate it.๐Ÿ˜


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