Red Silk Murders episode 16

Previously on Red Silk Murders:

Commissioner Logan: He’s ready.

She smiled but knew it was fake. She followed him to the back of the precinct to a door that had no one standing in front of it. The Commissioner opened the door and let her in. She walked in and stared at Detective Rodriguez.

Dr. Lynn: Good Afternoon Detective, I am Dr. Weeks I am going to be evaluating you. Is that alright?

Detective Rodriguez: You a shrink?

Dr. Lynn: Yes I am. I’m a friend of Logan. I’m here to help.

He nodded his head.

Dr. Lynn: uncuff him.

The Commissioner took off the handcuffs and left it hanging on the chair.

Dr. Lynn: Could you wait outside, please?

The Commissioner nodded and mouthed a thank you to her.

Dr. Lynn: I want you to sit back and relax. We’re going to try something new so I need you to play close attention.

He nodded. She could tell he hadn’t slept since his arrest. She removed a hematite pendulum and allowed it to swing back and forth.

Detective Rodriguez: Does that actually work?

Dr. Lynn: (speaking softly) Yes. Now allow your eyes to follow this pendulum. I’m going to count back from five and at zero you will fall asleep.

She watched him get comfortable and followed the pendulum.

Dr. Lynn: 5……..4……..3……..2……..1…….0.

Detective Rodriguez stood limp in the chair, and Lynn smiled.

Episode 16

Detective Rodriguez stood slumped over the chair. Dr. Weeks stood up and approached him. She pushed him back with her right index finger.

Dr. Lynn: Do you hear me?

In a slow robotic voice he spoke.

Det. Rodriguez: Yea, I do.

Dr. Lynn: Listen very carefully. Tomorrow, you will give a signed confession on the murder of Claire Swiss. You will tell them she found out about your gambling and threatened to tell the commissioner. You panicked and slit her throat as she went to walk away to her car. You tried to get rid of the body and cut her in pieces, but before you could dispose of the body, your partner called you to meet him in front of the apartment complex of Adam Moore. You understand?

Det. Rodriguez: I understand.

Dr. Lynn: You will also tell your partner the same confession. With every question he asks, you will say you killed Claire Swiss. Understand?

Det. Rodriguez: Yea.

Dr. Lynn: Now when I count to five you will wake up and feel relieved you told the truth.


Detective Rodriguez opened his eyes, sat up, and wiped his hands across his pants. She could tell he was oblivious to what had happened.

Dr. Lynn: How are you feeling?

Det. Rodriguez: I feel relieved thank you Doc.

She got up from her chair and walked towards the gray door. She tapped it and the commissioner opened the door to let her out.

Commissioner Logan: All done?

Dr. Lynn: All done.

She walked down the narrow corridor, removed her phone from her pocket, and dialed Jeremiah. She smiled.


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