White Horse

I starve for that hot ice you call love;

my blood, warm to the touch as it escapes my wounds

your kiss of death reminds me of heaven.

The fire between my thighs

you can touch without getting burned

The battle for your love

with the flag of my heart waving through the air

the screams and gasps as I pass every demon grabbing at my legs.

I see you in the distance

smiling, upon your white horse

armour of brimstone and glass.

I run through the field– dirt flying all around me

Just to taste the lips upon your face.

Your eyes burn me; mark my skin with the sign of eternity

Forever yours, even if I claw at the chains around my wrist.

The demons pull at the shackles around my ankles

I drag them with me through the mud of quicksand.

You stand with your sword in hand; the sun glowing behind your back

The sweat of my love rolling down my face

the chains burning across my shoulders;

buried deep with pieces of flesh

Just to kiss the lips upon your face.

The world of Hate and Darkness

but your eyes shine bright

like the death of a thousand stars.

I swim through the sand watching you

with your White horse in hand.

Halfway there, you let your horse go

I reach you and you lift me to my feet

I embrace you as the sigh of relief escapes my dry throat

You touch my chain marks. I look behind you;

Hooks pierced through the skin of your back

chained to the ground of sadness.

The last steel hook in the middle of your back

with tears down the line of your smile

you attach my chain…




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