She looked at the cashier as she placed the compact on the rubber conveyor belt. She always felt awkward — holding up the line for one thing. The hooked-nose brunette with her soft brown eyes, spoke with a bright commercial smile.
“Find everything you were looking for? ” The girl with dark hair that reached her shoulders, nodded. She looked down at her purse and felt the cashier staring at her clothes–long sleeves in ninety-five degree weather.
She quickly wished  the cashier wouldn’t take to long, and felt relieved when she handed her the white paper receipt. Her eyes directed at the circle around “survey” as she walked out.
She could feel her spirit claw at the handle of her black car door. She sat in the drivers seat, in the large department store parking lot. She stared at the temperature gauge at the corner of her rear view mirror; angry at the number–ninety-eight. She opened the compact almost breaking the plastic lid back. She took her right index finger feeling the texture on her fingertip.  She lifted the left sleeve to her elbow and started covering up the first bruise of many…


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