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I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve been super busy with my new online jewelry store, readings, and cleanings. I have always loved my religion ever since I found it, but there are things that make me love it even more. I believe that God always makes things come full circle. He definitely brings people in and out of our life, whether we want to accept it or not. Take Rachael (I changed the name due to privacy) For a very long time now she had been suffering from a lot of troubling things in her life. She had went to numerous spiritual places that had all told her that she was under spiritual attack and that someone had did a working on her to destroy her life. The problem with that is now people who do cleanings charge a lot. Now the cost ranges from $300 to at least $2,500. Hey whoever charges that much to help someone I guess that’s them, I on the other hand disagree. I’m not saying that no one should charge because yes I’ve heard the saying, “If you’re good at something don’t do it for free.” but I think those prices are ridiculous. Call me crazy, but I prefer to stay poor and live mediocre than going on cruises with the tears and desperation of other people. I believe that God gave us the gift to help people where others can’t. As there are doctors and psychiatrist, like my mom told me, there are spiritual doctors– those are us. I don’t think we should charge what an emergency room would charge to a person with no insurance.

Any who, back to the story, now because of that crazy price, Rachael has been suffering a very long time. With God’s help, he helped her find my store through a friend. She requested a picture reading from me. Now, I have given plenty of readings and honestly she was the first person I have ever seen with the reference of souls. I know you ask what you mean by souls, as so did Rachael. The only way I can explain it is (well I know it might sound corny) but you know how in those horror movies how they show souls being chained or like in purgatory how the souls are embedded into the wall? No? Sorry that’s all I got on how to explain it haha. She was the only person I ever seen with so much symbolism with souls and reference to chains and being dragged through the ground. I saw a lot of ugly things. The working she had was soo strong that it was the only thing I could see. I also saw thoughts of death. This girl needed help and soon. My mom reached out to her and told her she needed to be cleaned and not only that but the working she had needed to be broken. No spiritual band aid, but an actual cure. She came in and I read her the reading as my mom translated and she said I was spot on. You could see the desperation and the sorrow she carried. The working she had was so strong that before she arrived we heard a loud bang on the door that made us jump in our seat, I looked to see but it was no one at the door, right then she called to say she had arrived and that’s how we knew the thing she had was letting us know it had come. I was standing in the bathroom looking at the mirror when I heard the door open and this rush of wind blew right at me the emotion and feeling was unreal the working she had definitely made its presence known. The question everyone under spiritual attack asks, “Why me? Why would someone do this?” and my answer is this:

People don’t realize how serious these bad workings can get. People who are inexperienced that go to people to do these bad workings, don’t realize that the ending result is usually always death. Here’s my theory on why I believe death is always the ending result: If you do a working to attack someone physical and they become dreadfully sick where no one can help them, what happens? They die. If you attack someone spiritually, with a working on damaging someone mentally, what happens? They go crazy to the point they want to end it and kill themselves. These bad workings are very serious and not should be taken lightly. My advice to everyone is no matter how angry you are, no matter how much you don’t like someone, don’t ever use dark magic. No one is worth damning your soul and taking a life neither. It is murder and if you are capable of doing this, especially if you know the ending result you shouldn’t be trusted around anyone and you are a murderer. Unfortunately, there are no spiritual police—I wish!

When we were ready to start the cleansing and the breaking of the work she had. I told her let’s go to the other room, without her realizing she started to put on her coat. My mom said, “Where are you going?” and Rachael said, “Oh my God, I didn’t even realize I was putting on my coat.” Of course the working she had wanted her to leave. She was a wreck and so nervous, but my mom told her, “You’re going to be okay, everything after this will change, we got you.” We cleaned her and broke whatever working she had (which ranged in for a couple of days afterwards) She thanked us and the feeling I got made me love even more what I do. Just to know that I helped someone where they felt alone. To feel the genuine gratitude makes me love this so much more. We told her to keep in touch with us to see how things are turning out for her. Within a couple hours she had texted us, that she was immediately seeing things change. She had felt a weight lifted off and even felt lightheaded. She even found an object with the message, “To light your way for many years to come.” I believe it was a message from her Guide telling her that everything is going to be great. The next day I saw a picture of her and man if I could only show you guys the before and after picture you would be amazed on the difference. That is why I love this. Whether you believe in this or not, who cares really, what matters is that the person believed and she is now happy. Helping and bringing happiness is more important than what other people believe. I believe in what I do and I believe that those who want help will find us and that’s all I care about. God gives people gifts, he also gives you the free will to decide what side you’re on—Good, Bad, or Both. I am a worker of Light.

Thank you “Rachael” for letting me share your story!

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