Invisible Truth

Depression. Invisible from everyone’s eyes, but such a dominant trait when you look in the mirror. In your eyes; it scars the outlines of your face and changes the colors of your eyes. It is seen of the crevices of your smile—to you.

Depression. Hanging on your neck like a scarf. They see you smile, but don’t know the strength it took to pull the rope to get out of bed. The heaviness of it keeping you anchored to the mattress.

Depression. Applying makeup with shades of Joy. Your face abstract art with the common interpretation that you’re happy.

Depression. Faithful and unrelenting.

Depression. An iron chain that bounds your passion and emotions that you hold within.

Depression. Your face—the mask you wear puts on the greatest performance. A standing ovation, because you made them believe it is not there.

A truth that no one sees.



2 thoughts on “Invisible Truth

  1. such a terrible illness, I have a child who suffers from depression, it is so hard, she is so brave…. people who don’t know, just don’t know…. Your description here is perfect, I hope others listen and learn… thank you. Michelle

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