Month: December 2015

Light Me On Fire

In me lies a beacon waiting to be ignited. To feel the heat that Burns my skin and the light to escape my fingertips.

To feel a touch that melts my heart and brings chills to my body. To stimulate the ribbons of my mind and to wrap ideas as a gift.

There’s a fire in me that Burns everlasting by scraping desperately at the ambers at my feet.

Fan my flames, for my heart lies within the fire. I burn with great intensity and passion even as the rain falls from the sky.

The iron that was built around my heart was only built to protect me.   The foundation that I have is strong enough to be built upon. I just need The hands to build the tower.

The box I am contained in, is ready to break free
The only question is: are you ready for me?


Dear Santa

I found a note from my daughters to you that their classmates have told them that you don’t exist. It saddened me, because I don’t understand where youth have lost their innocence. They asked me if I believed in Santa Claus and I said yes. I wasn’t lying. Here is a 29 year old mom of three that believes in Santa, because I believe in what you symbolize: love, caring, gratitude, and family. The food and gifts are just an added bonus. I believe in the spirit of servicing and caring for others. To love those who love you and love those who don’t but from afar. I believe in gratitude and being thankful and most of all for my family– blood related and not. Don’t get me wrong, I am these things almost every day — 4/7 days honest. But keep in mind that I’m human and holidays make you feel it extra. Call me weak– I accept it. So my dearest Santa keep up the good work and show children and people that Christmas is about gratitude, loving, caring, and family, because that is what I intend to teach my children.

Will I Ever Mend?

like a bottle thrown against the wall
broken like a bone
will I ever mend?
hurting, bruised, cut and bleeding,
someone please help me because I’m needing…
that “sweet love me tender”
hold me close and never let go….
because if you do
I might drift away …
sail away…
to days long gone
and times I can no longer remember
when the pain wasn’t as sharp and the laughter was a constant symphony.
oh God!… the agony..

Help me Father for I have sinned,
and given my self to men less than Him
what do i do from here on out?
because I’m so full of doubt…
will I ever….?

By Angelica Tyson

* My sister wrote this and I thought it was absolutely amazing, passionate, and full of emotion. I had to share it with you guys.