Will I Ever Mend?

like a bottle thrown against the wall
broken like a bone
will I ever mend?
hurting, bruised, cut and bleeding,
someone please help me because I’m needing…
that “sweet love me tender”
hold me close and never let go….
because if you do
I might drift away …
sail away…
to days long gone
and times I can no longer remember
when the pain wasn’t as sharp and the laughter was a constant symphony.
oh God!… the agony..

Help me Father for I have sinned,
and given my self to men less than Him
what do i do from here on out?
because I’m so full of doubt…
will I ever….?

By Angelica Tyson

* My sister wrote this and I thought it was absolutely amazing, passionate, and full of emotion. I had to share it with you guys.


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