Dear Santa

I found a note from my daughters to you that their classmates have told them that you don’t exist. It saddened me, because I don’t understand where youth have lost their innocence. They asked me if I believed in Santa Claus and I said yes. I wasn’t lying. Here is a 29 year old mom of three that believes in Santa, because I believe in what you symbolize: love, caring, gratitude, and family. The food and gifts are just an added bonus. I believe in the spirit of servicing and caring for others. To love those who love you and love those who don’t but from afar. I believe in gratitude and being thankful and most of all for my family– blood related and not. Don’t get me wrong, I am these things almost every day — 4/7 days honest. But keep in mind that I’m human and holidays make you feel it extra. Call me weak– I accept it. So my dearest Santa keep up the good work and show children and people that Christmas is about gratitude, loving, caring, and family, because that is what I intend to teach my children.


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