I’m Spiritual, but I take No Shit

I often find that people question your status of spirituality when you stand up for what you believe in, or prevent others for taking advantage of you. I’m here to tell you all that don’t know, that spirituality is a frame of mind. It doesn’t mean that because we choose the path of spiritual awareness means that we’re perfect and that we don’t have weaknesses. On the contrary, spiritual people have a lot of weaknesses maybe a lot more than others, but it is the path of spirituality that keeps us from, let’s say jail…

Spirituality is an acquired strength that helps us deal with our personal weaknesses, and people who provoke our weaknesses to come out. Spirituality doesn’t mean that we’re saints and we’re perfect. I, in my personal opinion, feel that we are tested even more. Life tests our strength to persevere our spirituality because of constant obstacles, negative, and opportunist people we go through. It doesn’t mean that we’re positive ALL the time that we wake up smiling, and as we pour our cup of coffee the steam bursts into tiny flowers. We’re spiritual, because despite waking up like we can turn the world upside down with our stare, we take a moment to step back and REFLECT on what’s happening. For us to realize and think about the things we are grateful for.

Being spiritual is being wise enough not to accept things you don’t deserve. Everyone has a right to stand up for themselves because that is what self-love entails. Someone’s spirituality shouldn’t be questioned because they didn’t allow you to use them for your own benefit. It shouldn’t be questioned because you refuse to let anyone treat you the way they THINK you should be treated. Anyone, as well as spiritual people, have the right to get rid of anyone that does not add onto their life in a positive way. Getting rid of toxic people is the best thing anyone can do. You don’t need to accept the ugly so people won’t question your spiritual path. That path is for you and you alone, no one else has to understand it.

As my sister passed the quote to me, “Do no harm, but take no shit.”

So… for all you spiritual peeps that get questioned because you don’t let anyone take advantage of you. Keep it up, defend yourself, and keep on being spiritual, because remember that is the only thing that will keep you from jail…




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4 thoughts on “I’m Spiritual, but I take No Shit

  1. I’m so there with you on this one. The title says it all for me and it is true that being spiritual doesn’t mean we don’t get upset. It doesn’t mean we’re calm all the time and it certainly doesn’t mean allowing people to abuse us. I had a self appointed guru visit my blog to tell me not to say that people are vampires, even after my work was plagiarised! He said I should evolve. I thought, what an oppressive regime this person must be organising if that is his response to intellectual theft. Very scary person.

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  2. Wow. Unfortunately there are people who claim themselves spiritual and act with the “I’m a saint act.” And have the nerve to come down on others for defending themselves. Jeez even some spiritual people have it mixed up… I get the sense that some interpret being spiritual as completely denying normal human emotion for the sake of being viewed as spiritual.

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  3. Another great post! and you are 100% right, spirituality is not for sissys! It is a hard path but I would have my life no other way. I always move away from toxic people, I hope for their awenking but I stay away, I do not need to prove my spirituality to anyone, it is my path and can be for anyone… light and peace to you. Michelle

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