Month: January 2016

You Were Born

You were born from the ashes of my broken spirit.
Licking my tears;
Grabbing my heart with your hand.
The passion you inject into my chest
Enough songs to write for a lifetime
In every life I have found you
No matter how far
 at  the corners of the Earth
My song branded on every bone of your ribs.
Your eyes of wildflower honey;
 skin of cinnamon
The taste of vanilla that lingers after every kiss.
You were born from my fire
Rising from the smoke
Kindle that set my soul aflame
Such power I have ever seen
You were born from my wishes
Tears that marked my pillow
And etched onto my skin
You were born from my prayers
From nights of graceful cries
And visions of life.
Created and separated at birth
Connected by an invisible line.
We were born;
I was born
You were born — to love me.


Live Inside Me

Your fingertips touch my skin
Sensations melting into my soul.
The universe upon your lips; the secret of life on your tongue.
My body addicted to our sex
Chills that are sent down my spine drawing a constellation of our love.
Our rising of Fire and Earth
Our strength of Water and Air.
Impenetrable wall of diamonds
I fall for you so easily like a petal from a rose.
Your kisses heal all my battle scars
Even when it’s by your sword.
Eternal love in your eyes
spiral of stars I’m unable to count
A galaxy you can’t hide.
Nights of passion on an infinite frequency
The voice of our spirit breaking the sound barrier of this plane.
Live inside my heart; make it your home of happiness and peace
You…God’s victory to its people
And I’m the Queen
Live inside me– I am your kingdom.
Live inside me.

She Found Love

She walked barefooted along the path of the forest

numb to the rocks beneath her feet

the wind playing a melancholy melody on the strands of her hair.

Sunlight through the trees like a flashing dance of fireflies

Behind her, in the distance a monstrous sound

it’s score branded on her skin.

She placed her hands on her chest

feeling the beat of freedom.

She smiled, a relief she had forgotten existed.

She lifted her head to the calling of her name

there stood two girls, one boy, one man, and four women

All dressed in white with roses in their hands– except for one.

She reached them with the sound of water falling off in the distance

behind them.

The man dressed in white stepped forward and presented to her

a golden box.

She knew it was the love she was looking for.

She took it from his hand and opened the lid.

She grinned, and knew she had found it at last–a mirror.