Live Inside Me

Your fingertips touch my skin
Sensations melting into my soul.
The universe upon your lips; the secret of life on your tongue.
My body addicted to our sex
Chills that are sent down my spine drawing a constellation of our love.
Our rising of Fire and Earth
Our strength of Water and Air.
Impenetrable wall of diamonds
I fall for you so easily like a petal from a rose.
Your kisses heal all my battle scars
Even when it’s by your sword.
Eternal love in your eyes
spiral of stars I’m unable to count
A galaxy you can’t hide.
Nights of passion on an infinite frequency
The voice of our spirit breaking the sound barrier of this plane.
Live inside my heart; make it your home of happiness and peace
You…God’s victory to its people
And I’m the Queen
Live inside me– I am your kingdom.
Live inside me.


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