Lo De Candela,Oaxaca, Mexico

In the state of Oaxaca there’s a beautiful Pueblo called Lo De Candela. It takes about four hours to get there from the once safe Acapulco. The whole journey filled with palm trees and views of mountains. This Pueblo is off the tourist attractions you see on T.V. and is full of real culture experience. There is no cement  pavement only dirt road so you better have some great tires. As you enter this Pueblo, if one is appreciative of nature, one can immediately tell its beauty. Everything, everyone roams free, except of course the married haha. The best part of the day is at 7am. As you sit and eat your empanochada and drink from your taza de Nescafe you are serenaded by the songs of birds, the screaming Gallo that is joined in by his neighboring Gallo friends, donkeys, and dogs. Some how if you listen very carefully they all take turns to sing. The mornings start off cool, but quickly the warmth sets in as you lean against a palm tree, seeking shelter under it’s green emerald leaves . This Pueblo is full of culture and distinct dishes that not many have tried to the Salsa de Chicatanas (flying ants) to the forbidden Mole de Iguana and Los huevos de Tortuga (turtle eggs; yes I have tried all of these dishes). The music is incredible, festive in its own right. Music that inspires you to dance and injects desire to stay up all night. Nothing beats laying in a Maca ( hammock) and listening to people talk, music off in the distance, and very often a stillness you can’t find in many places. Lo De Candela, where there is barely any cell phone reception unless you extend your arm up like the statute of Liberty. But, that also seems to be the best part of this place –the moments of silence. The separation of the outside world with their social media and technology. Although many people in this Pueblo suffer and their richness is their poverty, they have what most people wish they had — a connection to mother nature. Where you get to walk around barefooted and take what you need from what’s around you. Where humility is present in faces of the children, where sadness lingers in there eyes, when you personally know that it is only just the beginning. To witness these things it makes you angry, angry that you complain about what now seems trivial in the face of the poverty you see. But they are wealthy in many ways: patriotism, tradition, and culture. They have what we will never have unless we go looking for it and it’s the Earth in its purest form right in their backyard.
Lo De Candela


2 thoughts on “Lo De Candela,Oaxaca, Mexico

  1. So very true, the things that make they poor in the eyes of the modern world are the very things that make them richer than we will ever be! This place sounds like heaven, thank you for sharping this beautiful description with us all. Michelle 🙂

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