The Seventh Circle

Within the darkness
A white candle shines
the mirror in my hand breaks;
shards of snakes slither around my wrists.
Demons snarl in the emptiness
the abyss that feels infinite
embraces me like claws
I search.
Looking for her
as I come upon a horrid forest
among the hanging souls
I yell at her,
but she did not turn.
She walked deeper into the forest
moaning in grief;
little orange bottle in her hand.
I push pass those condemned of self-violence;
the lost, yanking at my feet.
I ran
my life essence slowly fading
I scream into the hell up above,
“Gabriel, I need more time!”
My skin aging rapidly,
my legs giving out.
The souls jumping off a cliff
into a whirlpool of endless misery.
I am grasped by an agonizing tree
that pulls me to the ground by its roots
I can feel my fragile body succumbing to defeat.
I lift my head
and through the darkness
I see a florescent white light
it lands before me—St. Micheal’s sword
Shining bright in all its glory
the roots scurry away like rodents from a kitchen light
I use its golden handle
to lift me from the ground
A swipe from the sword against the demons
trying to stop me.
I see her off in the distance
still as if time had stopped
she’s reacting her self-violence.
In one giant leap
I reached her and grabbed at her arm
Her empty eyes met mine
As I told her she was coming with me
On borrowed wings of Uriel
I flew out of the Seventh Circle
and with my sword in hand
I broke through the surface of hell
I saved her…
I saved her…



5 thoughts on “The Seventh Circle

  1. I know people here. Great poem!
    Congratulations on being Danny Ray’s featured blogger. I was his featured blogger too. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need a blogging tip or two. That’s what I write about.


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