Beyond The Wall

I see you through a different set of eyes
Many times I felt like giving up
Somehow I couldn’t –I can’t
I am bound to you;
Stitched to your soul.
My fierceness not to give up
When I’ve made it half way up the
Frozen wall.
I look up– determined;
Planning to sky dive off the other side.
At this point I don’t care what’s on the opposite side
I never cared, even after taking the first step
Challenged against an avalanche of sorrow and pain.
I was born without fear, a passion to the things I want.
A risk taker, who jumps without looking.
I have an ambition, an ambition to know you
To discover you even when it seems there is nothing left to uncover.
I want to unearth you, bring you to the surface.
Expose you to the beauty of your own true world.
I feel I’m close as
I secretly whisper a tiny prayer
That at the top
With my victory flag
You’ll be there.


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