Your Purpose

Life is a battle ground of emotions; of dreams; of passions.
Life can lash out; leaving your skin bare and raw. A race that goes on an individual pace. It is punching  your fist through the ground and extending your palm to the sky. Life is carrying a sword on your right and a healing staff in the other. Life is singing a versus of happiness and a chorus of sorrow. No one had ever said it would be easy, but it is said to be worthwhile. Most people are not given choices, but it is not for you to stare and judge, but to blink and learn; to take that experience and etch it into your soul. Life is meant to be dissected  and reflected upon. To lead to an open mind; a mind that is limitless and not built with bricks of hate and cruelty.  It is rediscovering yourself even after being born and raised. Life is hard, made with different problems and a million of solutions. Each journey an unfolding story of beauty and wonder; rewards that no other human can give you. What life really asks of you is to never give up. No matter how ugly it may seem, there’s always a way to the light. Light you will find in others, but most importantly light you find within yourself.


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