Month: July 2016

Red Neon Lights

She stared at her reflection as she put an orchid color lipstick on her lips. She looked at the curves of her mouth but quickly glanced at her light brown eyes. The hallway behind her was dark with the only light shining from the bathroom. She squeezed her lips together watching as the color spread evenly and quickly looked down at her digital clock with its red neon lights. She thought to herself that she needed five minutes to be ready to walk out the door to meet up with her date. She adjusted her laced blouse and was startled to hear the television blare loudly. She slowly walked out into the hallway with its shadowed beige walls and made her way to the living room. She could hear the television playing the news. She felt very unsettled and had goosebumps as she got closer to the loud noise. She was almost hoping to see someone sitting on the couch, but as she peered around the wall there was no one there. She felt chills down her back because she knew she lived alone. The remote control was on a mahogany nightstand that didn’t look like it had been moved. She thought about walking over to get it, but she couldn’t move her limbs. She felt afraid to move as her intuition told her it was a trap. With her bare feet on the floor, she knew she could make a run for it. The screaming commercials disturbed her and made her feel on edge. She thought it was ironic how a home security advertisement came on with the slogan “protect you and your family” yelling into the empty house. Her anxiety was building, feeling like spiders crawling on her arms and legs. She turned to run and heard the front door slam stopping her dead in her tracks. Listening for footsteps she waited, but nothing came from around the corridor. She decided to make a run for the front door and prayed for her safety as her heart pounded against her chest. She threw herself, catching the door knob and forcing the door open. She let out a scream as she collided with someone on her porch. She struggled against him waving her arms, as he tried to hold on to her. In her hysterics, she managed to get a look at the person holding her. She fell backward holding onto her chest, “Brian what are you doing here?!” She noticed him wearing black gloves in the middle of summer…