Month: September 2016

The Fallen One 

I am the darkness 

Hidden behind a face of light. 

The excess of sex, passion,  and lust. 

The fire; 

The danger; 

It runs through my veins

Injecting its poison into 

My brain. 

I lurk in the impluses–the manipulation of oneself. 

The one of light trying to chain a door made of glass. 

The darkness no one knows; the soulless without guilt. 

How could this seed be planted and still bloom without light? 

Its food of anger and hate soaked in its dirt. 

Scratching the glass to cause a world of hurt. 

The dignity and pride of being shameless; 

the temptation of freedom at a whim. 

The one that’s just as powerful 

Who watches and waits for when the

Glass to be broken–

the lighted one, will already have fallen. 



Nine like the lives of a cat–

Independent and curious.

Her mind like a Moonstone;

At her highest when the Moon is full and near.

Her emotions, she wears on her wrists like bracelets;

And her heart like a pendant exposed on her chest.


Nine like the number of longevity and inspiration;

Seeking to improve this world.

The curiosity of magic;

you are the sacred number in my heart.

I wish for your eyes to see all the wonders of this Earth;

And that you always remain humble and kind

My love to you always—

My beautiful daughter of mine.



—-Happy Ninth birthday—


The Singing Wind

May the curves of the skyline remind you of me,

As the ambers of the fire dance upon the wind.

Remember me, as the sun kisses you on your face

And the rain pours on your head;

That you feel my spirit through the soles of your feet.


May the light of the moon remind you of me,

As the stars burst and die in the darkness of the universe.

Remember me, as the singing wind plucks the strings of your hair

And the baritone sounds from the drum of your heart;

That you feel the emotions to your fingertips.


Remember me…always me…

For I have always remembered you…