The Fallen One 

I am the darkness 

Hidden behind a face of light. 

The excess of sex, passion,  and lust. 

The fire; 

The danger; 

It runs through my veins

Injecting its poison into 

My brain. 

I lurk in the impluses–the manipulation of oneself. 

The one of light trying to chain a door made of glass. 

The darkness no one knows; the soulless without guilt. 

How could this seed be planted and still bloom without light? 

Its food of anger and hate soaked in its dirt. 

Scratching the glass to cause a world of hurt. 

The dignity and pride of being shameless; 

the temptation of freedom at a whim. 

The one that’s just as powerful 

Who watches and waits for when the

Glass to be broken–

the lighted one, will already have fallen. 


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