Month: December 2016

2016 the year I died

2016 the year I died, was reborn, and now in the state of transformation. Although this year may have been difficult for most, I found it to be a year of forced self-reflection. Occurrences that have happened in our lives had forced us to take a hard look at those around us and at ourselves. I have personally learned a lot not only about myself, but about people. In some form, I have found freedom, freedom in not caring about others who proved to be unhealthy to my soul and who don’t add onto my positive way of living. I haven’t fully transformed yet, but I am in the process and I do not plan on transforming into a butterfly, but a Phoenix from the ashes.

I suggest you do the same.

Take responsibility for your choices, actions, and decisions. Reflect on how you are going to be reborn in the next year. We all have a choice. Choosing negatively shouldn’t be the first option just because it’s easier, but choosing the difficult path. The path of change, the path of enlightenment. The path that will challenge you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  

I often see on Social media people wishing to be away from the drama, but yet they are always revolving around it. Things don’t change just by stating it, but by taking action. To bring about the things we want, including daily miracles, we must be doing the behavior that brings about these changes. Choose to redirect your energy and mind away from drama and negative situations and people. I understand life doesn’t always work out that way, because something is always bound to happen, but we have a choice on how we’re going to participate.

I have a couple of Sistars that are on this path, and have seen that this year 2016 is the most significant one that will bring about the greatest change for the year 2017. We are all on this path by force, whether admitting it or not, but it is however, our job to take it for what it is and transform it into something that is going to work in our favor–Into something substantial and mind altering. There is no avoiding it, it just depends on how long you want to keep your eyes closed.

Ask for your heart, mind, and eyes to be opened. To see the things, we are so keen on denying even if they are hurtful. You must progress onto a beautiful and different state of being. Everything that has happened to you is preparing you for what you’re supposed to be ready for, but you must first accept it.

Not everyone will join you on the same path no matter how much you love them. Whether they are family or friends. Some will even think this path doesn’t exist. But it does, it exists in our very fiber of our souls. Catapult into the new year with the destination of becoming who you were always meant to be…a being of light. No fear…No boundaries…but absolute freedom.

How do you want to be reborn?


The Salt Of Your Ashes 

I mourn for you; 

By the shore of the ocean– my subconscious in the center of the sea. 

How many lashes you have endured and the forceful wilting of your petals. 

You are awakened. Although death came to you long ago.

I mourn for your spirit for I can truly feel it gone. 

The sorrow upon your face as it was ripped out from your hands. 

Abrupt moments in time. So still and silent; an emptiness so vast–undiscovered, unseen by naive eyes. 

I buried your coffin at the bottom of my heart. Your woeful cries haunting me. 

I can only yell into the universe for you to be reborn.  

To rise from the pit like the marvelous bird of fire. However, the salt of your ashes lay at the tip of my tongue. I taste all your memories, all your joys, and agony. 

Upon your tombstone inscribed:

“Here lies but a single Rose”

All I can be is Mom

What is it like being a mom?

It is like being a hero without praise and a villain without the mask. It is sitting back and wondering if you should’ve been trained as a lion tamer instead. Making meals that will be rejected by the strongest and most judgmental food critics. Or moments where you think you should’ve bought a bigger fridge.

Being a mom is going from being human to a giant size parrot. Being devastated by a mere hacking cough. Trying to cook, clean and help with homework all at once. Having hope that by the time they are in bed you would have the opportunity to be an average adult.

Being a mom is vacationing and watching your kids have an amazing vacation. Being a mom is being happy, stressed, and worried all at the same time. It is wondering and questioning your morality if having wine at 3 p.m is too early. It is being there for them, but also living for yourself to be the example you want them to follow.

It is the constant guilt if maybe you were too strict or not understanding enough. It is the hardest and most fulfilling role you can have in your existence. My only reward I can ask for is to know that my children will have grown up to be well rounded individuals.

For now all I can be is Mom.