All I can be is Mom

What is it like being a mom?

It is like being a hero without praise and a villain without the mask. It is sitting back and wondering if you should’ve been trained as a lion tamer instead. Making meals that will be rejected by the strongest and most judgmental food critics. Or moments where you think you should’ve bought a bigger fridge.

Being a mom is going from being human to a giant size parrot. Being devastated by a mere hacking cough. Trying to cook, clean and help with homework all at once. Having hope that by the time they are in bed you would have the opportunity to be an average adult.

Being a mom is vacationing and watching your kids have an amazing vacation. Being a mom is being happy, stressed, and worried all at the same time. It is wondering and questioning your morality if having wine at 3 p.m is too early. It is being there for them, but also living for yourself to be the example you want them to follow.

It is the constant guilt if maybe you were too strict or not understanding enough. It is the hardest and most fulfilling role you can have in your existence. My only reward I can ask for is to know that my children will have grown up to be well rounded individuals.

For now all I can be is Mom.


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