The Salt Of Your Ashes 

I mourn for you; 

By the shore of the ocean– my subconscious in the center of the sea. 

How many lashes you have endured and the forceful wilting of your petals. 

You are awakened. Although death came to you long ago.

I mourn for your spirit for I can truly feel it gone. 

The sorrow upon your face as it was ripped out from your hands. 

Abrupt moments in time. So still and silent; an emptiness so vast–undiscovered, unseen by naive eyes. 

I buried your coffin at the bottom of my heart. Your woeful cries haunting me. 

I can only yell into the universe for you to be reborn.  

To rise from the pit like the marvelous bird of fire. However, the salt of your ashes lay at the tip of my tongue. I taste all your memories, all your joys, and agony. 

Upon your tombstone inscribed:

“Here lies but a single Rose”


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